Eric Church started to write country songs at a very young age and learned to play guitar. He started to play guitar in bars in North Carolina, his hometown.

During college, he also formed a band with a friend of his, his roommate, and his brother. He started his professional career when he moved to Nashville in 2001. Let’s take a look at his top ten hits!

#10. Guys Like Me

This song directly creates a good feeling when it is on as It is about having a chill time.


#9. Some Of It

The song was co-written by Church, Jeff Hyde, Clint Daniels, and Bobby Pinson. It is about the lessons that are learned and the knowledge that is gained from those experiences.

#8. Creepin’

The song was co-written by Church and Marv Green. The song reached the top ten list on the US charts. The mid-tempo country song is about an old relationship that was feeling like creepin’.

#7. Give Me Back My Hometown

The song is about visiting my hometown while trying to get rid of the struggles of a break-up. It was co-written by Chırch and Luke Laird.

#6. Mr. Misunderstood

The song was first released by Email to a lucky fan base of Church and some radio stations in 2015. There was also a hand-written letter attached for fans. The inspiration for the song came from the three-year-old son of the Church.

#5. Round Here Buzz

The song is about a man who stayed in his hometown while his ex is already left and chasing her dreams. It sold more than a million when it was released in 2018.

#4. Talladega

Talladega is a city in Alabama; the song is about a road trip to the Talladegasuperspeedway.

#3. Springsteen

The song was inspired by a love story that the Church had and a song by Bruce Springsteen.

#2. Smoke A Little Smoke

The song is about the feelings of smoking weed. It hit the country charts quickly and received many good reviews from country music authorities.

#1. Record Year

The song is about having a break-up and rejecting finding peace in other women. He aimed to make a hit out of this phase of his life and managed it!

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