Phonograph Records from Beginning to End (almost)

Phonograph Record Technologies from their invention to the death of 78-rpm records Before the Phonograph There was sound recording before the phonograph, but not sound reproduction. In 1856 or ’57, years before the invention of the phonograph, French inventor Leon Scot demonstrated the Phonoautograph system for recording sounds. It used a diaphragm sensitive enough to … Read morePhonograph Records from Beginning to End (almost)

Exploring the History of the Recording Business

Introduction: Usually when we talk about the “record industry,” we’re talking about the network of artists and companies who produce the musical entertainment we buy on CDs, an increasing number of DVDs and MP3s, and still the odd cassette or LP. That’s the way the term “record industry” is usually used. In reality, the business … Read moreExploring the History of the Recording Business

Origins of the Answering Machine

The answering machine has been with us since the late 19th century, although it did not become popular until the 1980s. For a brief business history of the answering machine industry, click here, otherwise, continue reading to find out about early answering machine technology. In 1878, shortly after inventing his phonograph, Thomas Edison created a … Read moreOrigins of the Answering Machine