Gangsta’s Delight – Song and Lyrics by 50 Cent


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Gangsta’s Delight’ by 50 Cent. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of 50 Cent or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

This is hip hop
It go clip pop
It hit em if ya hit me
Da clip pop it popped and it don’t stop
Papa said we bang bang boogie
We get em oh goodie
Keep the hoodie when your fuckin’ wit’ me me me

Now what you hear is not a test
I said its not a test nigga its not a test
Got my Teflon on wrapped around my chest
I do it tha best ya heard I do it tha best
Tuck da nine by my spine all the time
Stunt when I want a dead nigga f*ck wit mine
My neck and my ear get to flickin’ like a strobe
My wrist and my whips have niggas like whoa
I’m the underground king I reside on the throne
In the club wylin’ out over henny and patron
Me I’m in the zone yea me I’m in the zone
It’s bottle after bottle til G-stacks are blown
Shawty in my ear like please take me home
Before the next song come on dawg we gone
Off to the hotel, motel, the holiday inn
She said if I knew you worked the cat from the back
Like that I woulda brought my friend a huh huh huh huh

[Chorus: x2]

I’m so raw yea I’m so raw
Me I’m so ghetto I’m oh so hardcore
I’m down by law this style ya never saw
I give em jus’ a little then watch em fiend for more
Yea they want more they hot and they want more
They love the way I kick it they addicted to ya boy
I’m ecstasy I’m the ultimate trip
I have ya in the mornin’ like a dope fiend sick
Now feel the rush I’m like pure cocaine
I have the whole night club goin insane
No matter how rich I get I’m never gonna change
I will let it rain push me I let it rain
I do this shit myself lawyer money ain’t a thang
Da unit is the game
The yin and the yang
We went from poor to rich now look we da shit
You best control ya bitch or she’ll be in tha six
A huh huh huh huh

[Chorus: x2]

I’m fresh ta death
I’m rockin’ the vest
I’m strapped movin’ round with tha heat
I said I do it tha best
I’m not tha one you should test
That’s why my name ring bells in the street
I put that work in
Yea yea
I put that work in
Yea yea
I put that work in
Yea yea
I put that work in
Yea yea

[Chorus: x2]