I Wanna Die – Song and Lyrics by Adam Green


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘I Wanna Die’ by Adam Green. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of Adam Green or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

I wanna chose to die
And be buried with a rubics cube
And sleep inside the big blue buildings
While the sweet disease drives through

There’s a bakery in the night sky
I wanna die because the government lied

She was a man with herpes
Floating in a yellow stream
Running through the windows backwards
Kissing all the buildings clean

Note his appetite for hardcore taste
And orgiastic party games

She woke up in the highway
With arrows pointing at her face
Later that day in gym class
She ate a mouth full of anthrax
Go to sleep

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