Karma (Comes Back Around) – Song and Lyrics by Adam F


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Karma (Comes Back Around)’ by Adam F. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of Adam F or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

Woooohoooo hoooooo hoooooooo yeah!

Huh huh ha Adam F on the track
Speak guru representn’
Yeah! Carl Thomas
Everybody wants to be somebody you know
Just be yourself man, stop trying to be like everybody else
Frontn’ like you got this and got that
Yeah it’s not about the material things
They don’t rule my world, do they rule yours?
I feel sorry for you done, but for real
There’s a lot of grimy cats out there that will wyle out on you
That’s why you gotta stay on point
Be aware of what’s goin’ on and hold it down, from us to you…

[Carl Thomas]
As ya world goes up and down (oh yeah!)
Karma comes back around (comes back around yeah!)
Don’t you know that your gettn’ what you put in the ground
(Don’t you know that your gettn’ what you puttn’ in the ground)
Just be good to yourself cause you know that you always…

Everybody wants a baller life
Everybody wants a fly car, nice crib and all tha ice
When they see me in the street, they want to call the vice
Get on some landlord shit and turn out all the lights
I’m like the toll that you should’ve paid
You said you had the Mac, why you should of spree’d!
What happened to the chicks and the chips you bragged about?
What happened to the guns and the clips you bragged about?
I heard about they stomped you, and beat you, and dragged you out
You said they heard they got me, and that I doubt!
Street smarts and most y’all punks ya need heart
My peoples get busy for real soon as the beef starts
want to learn some more about me
Your sure to see I’m a stand up guy wit maturity
And during this speech I’m always willin’ reach
I love my peeps that are still in the streets.

[Carl Thomas]
(Chorus): As ya world goes up and down…(as ya world goes up and down)
Karma comes back around…(Don’t ya know that the karma comes back on around)
Don’t you know that you getn what your put in the ground
(don’t you know that gettn’ what ya puttn’ in the ground)
Just be good to your self ’cause you know that your always…

Everybody wants the wealth and fame
But nobody wants to hustle and the struggle
Just to earn themselves a name, its like they want it all instantly
And since I know what really goes on son I think differently
I always to try to keep my fam tight even if we don’t hang out no more
Ya still my man aiight, see money changes many things
You go from just gettn’ by to shopping spree’s buying everything
The guard came up hard straight out the boulevard
I pull your card get in your skin like a bullet scar
I’m holding the weight controlling your fate
’cause you didn’t play the game by the rules ya know its too late
You tried to hop the fence on false pretence that’s nonsense
You know we cut off our weak links
And during this speech I’m always willing to reach
I love my peeps that are still in the streets


[Carl Thomas]
Back to life…(back to life)…back to reality…(ooohhhh!)
can’t stay up all day…(ooohhh NO! no no)…Now some time…(some time)
To take the initiative you’ll be back one day…(one day! ohh)

Everybody wants to be the boss
Everybody wants the spotlight but don’t want to pay the cost
Me I give a kid direction if he says he’s lost,
Some suckers want attention That’s why they love to floss
But me I don’t care about that there
You say you from the hood, you can’t go back there
The same crooks you see coming up you’ll see going down
Take that look off your face you know what’s going down
We about to strip you of ya stripes you little ass wipe
About to take over your spot uh huh that’s right!
Ya more bogus than a three dollar bill
Pop ya crisp rock ya wrists yeah y’all is mad ill
But ya sleepn’ didn’t see the wolves creepn’
Gettn’ took for ya goodies for no apparent reason
And during this speech I’m willin’ to reach
All of my peeps that are still in the streets.


{Carl Thomas sings till he fades out}