The month of September brings back memories of the first day of school, Labor Day barbecues, and pumpkin spice everything. It’s also a time for reflection and new beginnings. What better way to celebrate than with a playlist of feel-good songs?

In this blog post, we will share some of our favorite songs about September. Whether you’re heading back to school or getting ready for the fall season, these tunes will put a smile on your face!

A Lonely September by Plain White T’s.

A Lonely September by Plain White T’s tells the story of a broken-hearted man who is struggling to cope with a recent break-up. The lyrics capture his loneliness as he reminisces about the past and reflects on how different things are now that his love has gone away.

The song starts off with a soft and melancholic guitar intro, setting the mood for a sad tale. The lyrics go on to describe the pain of facing an imminent future without his love and how he’s trying to fill that void with different activities and distractions.

He wishes he could turn back time and undo all of the wrongs that led him to this place, but knows in his heart it’s too late.

The chorus of the song is a painful cry for help, as he tries to make sense of his sorrow and finds himself wishing for an end to this lonely September. He sings about how nothing can fill the emptiness that has taken over, but knows that one day it won’t be like this forever.

Blue September by Al Stewart.

Blue September is an album by Al Stewart, released in 1974. The album has a folk-rock feel to it and includes some of Stewart’s most popular songs such as “The Year of the Cat”, “Roads to Moscow” and “Life and Life Only”.

The title track was written about a romantic moment that he shared with his wife at the time, in Paris. The album also includes some of Al Stewart’s more obscure songs, such as “Love Chronicles” and “Old Admirals”.

Blue September is considered to be one of Al Stewart’s best albums and features some classic folk-rock tunes. It captures a time of transition for Al Stewart, from his days as a folk-rock artist to his later success as a singer-songwriter.

The album has been re-released on CD several times and is still highly regarded by fans of Al Stewart’s music. Blue September will always be remembered fondly in Al Stewart’s career, as it marks the bridge between his earlier albums and some of his later successes.

Come September by Natalie Imbruglia.

“Come September” is an alternative rock song performed by Australian singer-songwriter Natalie Imbruglia. It was released as the third single from her debut album Left of the Middle on 10 August 1998.

The song peaked at number 24 on the UK Singles Chart and its accompanying music video received a nomination for Best Female Video at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards.

The lyrics of “Come September” reflect a longing for the end of summer and a return to normalcy, as it is traditionally understood: “September, come around again / Time for school and time for friends”.

The song then shows how these feelings can influence an individual’s behavior: “Trying hard to be so strong / But I just can’t go on”. The song’s chorus is a heartfelt plea for understanding from the narrator’s partner: “Won’t you stay in my life / Won’t you try to understand?”

It Might as Well Rain Until September by Carole King.

This classic tune tells the story of a person who is feeling lonely, and longing for their partner to come back. The words are full of emotion and reflect the pain that comes from being apart from someone you love.

The chorus reflects this sentiment perfectly with lyrics such as “It might as well rain until September/’Cause you ain’t comin’ back to me”.

This song is a beautiful reminder of the power of love and how it can bring us through even the toughest times.

It is an optimistic anthem that will help anyone feeling down find comfort in knowing that brighter days are ahead. The melody is light and upbeat, but still carries the weight of the emotions behind it.

Make It Stop (September’s Children) by Rise Against.

This song is about gun violence and the devastating impact it has on lives, families, and communities. The song begins with a powerful plea to make the senseless cycle of violence stop.

The lyrics evoke a sense of desperation and dismay, as the narrator is surrounded by violence and death.

Through this song, Rise Against encourages us to work together to end gun violence and make a positive change in our society. We must join together and make sure that no more innocent lives are lost to senseless violence.

Maybe September by Bill Evans and Tony Bennett.

This classic jazz tune is a favorite among many music lovers. It’s a beautiful, tender ballad that displays Evans’ masterful piano playing and Bennett’s velvety vocals.

The song has been covered numerous times by other artists, but the original version remains one of the best.

It’s sweet melody and gentle rhythm create an atmosphere of nostalgia, perfect for a romantic evening.

Whether you’re swaying along to the music at home or out on a date, this track is sure to create memorable moments.

Maybe September by Tony Bennett.

This classic song has been around since 1957, and it is a beloved standard that still resonates with audiences today. The melody is simple and beautiful, with Bennett’s rich voice lending a special touch to the romantic lyrics.

It’s about wanting to be reunited with someone you love – even if it’s only for one month. The beautiful autumn imagery and longing expressed in the song make it a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

It’s a must-have for any romantic playlist, no matter what time of year you need a little extra love.

Pale September by Fiona Apple.

Pale September tells the story of a young woman who is struggling to come to terms with the sudden death of her lover.

The song paints a vivid picture of grief and despair as she struggles to make sense of her world without him.

Her emotions range from anger and resentment towards God, to sadness and loss, culminating in acceptance and peace.

See You in September by The Happenings.

This classic song by The Happenings released in 1966 provides a poignant reminder of the changing seasons and the return to school. It opens with this timeless line: “See you in September/See you when the summer’s through”.

This song was so popular that it reached the Top 10 spot on both the Billboard Hot 100 and Cash Box magazine’s Top 100 singles chart. It quickly became a hit and is often still played on the radio today.

September 12 by Xavier Rudd.

The album was released under the label ABC Music and is described as a journey of self-reflection, moving from an inner exploration to more outwardly focused expression.

Musically, the album is a combination of folk, rock, blues, and reggae genres with a strong focus on storytelling.

September by Daughtry.

This song is a powerful and emotionally charged rock ballad that talks about the struggles of trying to move on from what we think we need. It’s an anthem for anyone who has ever wanted something they could not have, or felt like they had failed in some way.

The lyrics are simple yet meaningful, as lead singer Chris Daughtry sings about how he’s trying to cope with the fact that what he wanted isn’t available, and how it feels like someone has “taken away” his September.

The music builds slowly, starting off soft and tender, then eventually escalating into a full-on rocker as the chorus kicks in.

With its strong beat and soaring guitars, this song will have you nodding along and feeling the emotion that Chris has worked so hard to convey.

September by Earth, Wind & Fire.

This song was released in 1978 and quickly became an international hit, climbing to number two on the Billboard Hot 100.

The lyrics of the song talk about a person looking back on the summer months with fondness and nostalgia for days gone by. The melody is upbeat and fun, making it a great tune for any occasion.

The band’s signature sound—a combination of soul, funk, and jazz—makes this a classic song that will forever be remembered. This hit tune is sure to get you up on your feet dancing and singing along!

September by James Arthur.

“September” is a song by British recording artist James Arthur from his third studio album, You. The song was released as the lead single from the album on 7 May 2021.

The track was written by James Arthur, Chucks Brixey, and Steve Mac and produced by Mac in collaboration with Chris Loco. It is a mid-tempo pop song with an R&B influence and jazz chord progression, featuring mellow piano chords.

The song’s lyrics take the listener on a journey of self-discovery as James reflects on his past mistakes and grows from the experience. He sings about how he can now recognize and appreciate the beauty in life’s simple moments, despite his struggles.

The song’s empowering message speaks to anyone who has faced personal hardship and reminds them that life is a journey with highs and lows. James Arthur offers a glimmer of hope for those struggling by urging them to keep moving forward and use the experience to grow.

September by Ryan Adams.

September by Ryan Adams is an acoustic rock album that was released in 2005. It showcases the softer side of Ryan’s musical style and has a slower, mellow vibe than his other albums.

The lyrics are introspective and heartfelt as Ryan reflects on life and love. He brings out his emotions through his smooth vocals and bluesy guitar playing.

September by Sweet & Lynch.

This album has an amazing blend of hard rock and melodic progressive elements, creating a sound that is truly unique and captivating. The songwriting on this record is fantastic, with memorable melodies and powerful riffs.

Every track on the record stands out in its own special way, making for a very enjoyable listening experience. The production quality on the record is also top-notch, with a great mix of guitar tones and crystal clear vocals.

The musicianship on the record is truly impressive, as every instrument sounds precise and tight. Each song on this record has something special to offer, showcasing the immense talent of Sweet & Lynch.

September by The Shins.

The song has a dreamy, folky sound that feels like a perfect summer day. Lyrically, the song is about taking time to appreciate the moments of life and not worrying too much about what lies ahead.

The lyrics point us towards finding joy in simple things and being content with the present moment—a valuable lesson for all of us. The song also has a gentle and uplifting melody that helps to carry this message of finding joy in life’s simple moments.

September by The Shins is a great reminder for us all to take the time to slow down and enjoy the present moment. It’s an energizing yet calming tune that will help us stay grounded no matter what life throws our way. Enjoy!

September Grass by James Taylor.

This peaceful track from Taylor’s album October Road captures the beauty of a late summer day spent in nature.

The soothing guitar and gentle melody reflect the feeling of peace that comes with spending time outdoors, as Taylor sings about watching the September grass growing and listening to the birds singing.

The lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia for simpler times, when one can relax and truly appreciate the beauty of nature.

Taylor’s signature vocals make this song a true classic, one that will stay with you long after it has ended.

September Grass is an ode to the joys of appreciating the beauty of nature, reminding us all to take time out of our busy lives to reconnect with the natural world around us.

September Gurls by Big Star.

September Gurls by Big Star is one of the most beloved power-pop anthems of all time. With its catchy melody, irresistible sing-along chorus, and the perfect blend of guitar jangle and fuzz distortion, this song has earned its place in music history.

Written and recorded by Alex Chilton and Chris Bell for their influential 1972 album, “Radio City”, the song was an immediate hit and has been covered by countless artists since its release. Its infectious energy and inviting sound make it perfect for any occasion.

September Morn by Neil Diamond.

The song is a story of love, longing and understanding. The narrator sees a beautiful September morning, which he compares to his lover’s beauty. He describes how the day brings with it hope for the future and for their relationship.

But as night falls, he realizes that the time between them is too short and knows that he must soon leave her. He begs for a moment to stay, to never have to go away, knowing that it may be the last time he ever sees her.

The song is comforting and nostalgic, leaving us with the hope of love and understanding.

September Night by Van Morrison.

This song is a beautiful ode to the end of summer. The narrator reflects on the bittersweet experience of watching the days get shorter and knowing that winter is coming soon.

He sings of how he’d like to stay in September forever, with its cool nights and warm days. His sentiment is both nostalgic and hopeful; he knows that new beginnings are on their way with the start of autumn.

The production also matches the mood of the song perfectly, with a mellow arrangement featuring a twangy guitar and soft strings that evoke an easygoing country-folk feel.

Van Morrison’s vocal performance is masterful; his warm, soulful voice conveys the emotion of the lyrics while still maintaining a laid-back, reflective atmosphere.

September Night is the perfect song to listen to as summer slowly fades into autumn. It captures the beauty of both seasons and encourages us to embrace the change that comes with them.

September Skyline by Single File.

This beautiful, piano-driven track is a tribute to the beauty of September. The lyrics evoke scenes of autumn leaves and falling sunsets, with wistful observations about the transience of life.

The song fades out with an angelic chorus that speaks to the sublime nature of this special month.

September Song by Frank Sinatra.

This iconic song from Frank Sinatra has been a popular choice for generations when it comes to songs about September. Released in 1964, this classic number has become an essential part of the month of September with its smooth melody and timeless lyrics.

The simple yet heartwarming track is all about celebrating the promise of each new season as it begins and looking forward to all of the possibilities that come with it.

September Song by JP Cooper.

This is a melancholic folk-influenced tune that explores the feelings of nostalgia associated with the start of another new season.

The lyrics discuss how the narrator finds solace and peace in the memories of September, which were filled with hope and optimism for what was to come.

The singer reflects on how these moments are now gone but still remembered fondly. It is a heartfelt tune that captures the bittersweet emotions of letting go, yet still being able to find beauty in the sorrow.

The song was released in 2016 and has been praised for its honest lyrical content and captivating sound.

September Sun by Type O Negative.

This song is a perfect way to say farewell to summertime, as it talks about the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

The melancholic atmosphere of the track captures the essence of autumn and speaks to the bittersweet feeling that comes with seasonal changes.

With its powerful guitars and lyrics, this classic rock song will have you both dancing and reflecting on the beauty of life’s cycles.

September When I First Met You by Barry White.

This song is all about the joy of meeting someone new and falling in love. The lyrics describe the feelings of anticipation and excitement that come with a relationship starting, as well as the singer’s desire to make September last forever.

September When It Comes by Johnny Cash and Rosanne Cash.

This song was released in 2019 and tells a story about the end of summer and how it ends with September. The lyrics talk about how summer always passes too quickly, but that there is still beauty to be found in the changing season.

The singer reflects on memories of childhood days spent playing outside, wishing they could last forever. They also look forward to the cooler temperatures, new colors of fall and embrace the coming season.

The song speaks of hope that life can still be good despite the passing of time. It is a reminder to enjoy every moment because it will never come again. The simplicity and beauty of this song make it an excellent way to reflect on the last days of summer and appreciate the changing season.

The Late September Dogs by Melissa Etheridge.

Released in 2008, this nostalgic rock song is all about the end of summer and saying goodbye to carefree days.

Her lyrics capture how bittersweet it feels when we have to say goodbye to summertime activities.

Melissa Etheridge’s powerful vocals make it a memorable tribute to the passing of summer into fall.

The September of My Years by Frank Sinatra.

Released in 1965, this song was written by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn as a reflection on mortality, looking back on past memories. The melody and poignant lyrics highlight Sinatra’s vocal talent, making it a classic piece of music.

Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day.

This iconic rock song was released in 2005, and it’s a nostalgic anthem for the end of summer. The lyrics tell the story of a young man mourning his father’s death on September 11th, which is why the month of September has such an emotional meaning to him.

Not only does this song capture the bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye to summer, but it also conveys the feeling of loss that many of us experienced after the tragic events of 9/11.


September is a month of endings, beginnings, and reflection. It’s natural that so many songs have been written to capture the emotion associated with this pivotal time in the year.

Whether you’re looking for something upbeat and energetic or more reflective and mellow, there are plenty of great September-themed songs out there to choose from.

So take some time out of your September to listen to the songs about this special month and let them transport you to a moment in time that will never be forgotten.

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