We don’t have enough time during the week to do these things because we’re so busy at work or school. But your day doesn’t have to be all work and no fun at all. That’s why I created this list of songs about Tuesday just for you. These songs will help you relax and forget all your problems on Tuesdays because they’re really good.

songs with tuesday in the title

1. Lockdown on Date Night Tuesday by Ondara

This song was released in 2020. It has become very popular since its release because it’s so good and so relatable. You can’t help but sing along and dance on it. It is a pop song.

2. Tuesday Morning by the Pogues

Wind down your slow Tuesday by playing or singing to this beautiful song. The song is best sung acapella because that is how it was originally recorded. It was released in 1987. This song is about having to deal with school after the weekend. How relatable.

3. Hooray for Tuesday by the Minders

Jumpstart your week with this lovely song. Released in 1998, the song can be sung by singing “hooray” to the tune of the song. This song is about how much you love school.

4. Another Tuesday Morning by Jim Brickman

Have a great day on Tuesday with this classic song that was released in 2001. The song starts very slow but then builds up into a fun song about going back to school. Also, it was a collaborative effort between Jim Brickman and Maire Brennan.

5. First Thing Tuesday Morning by Travis Haddix

Released in 2011, the song can help you start your Tuesday on a high note despite the hard Monday you had before. Try to play in the morning before stepping out to work, and you’ll love the energy.

6. Tuesday Night by Josh Abbot Band

This song will make you feel like having a party on Tuesday night. The song was part of the album “Let It Rain” (2010) and is one of those songs that always gets stuck in my head.

7. Tuesday’s Broken by Sugarland

This Tuesday song was released in 2020. It can make you feel like Tuesday is finally here. Try playing it on Monday to prepare yourself and your soul for Tuesday.

8. Tuesday by the Cure

This one is vintage, but it doesn’t matter because it will fit into any playlist about Tuesday songs.

9. Taco Tuesday by Migos

This song is about Tacos; what else would there be to say? Spice up your tasty Tuesday with this song and watch the magic.

10. Tuesday I’ll be gone by John Anderson and Shelton Blake

Have a tasty Tuesday by listening to this classic country song. The rhythm and lyrics can leave you dancing and singing along.

11. Sun Comes Up It’s Tuesday Morning by Hootie and the Blowfish

This old-school 90s song will give you the vibe for a morning after Taco Tuesday. As a bonus, it has guest vocals by Matt Collis, the lead singer of Green Day’s biggest rival at that time, Rancid.

12. Tuesday’s Gone by Hank Williams Jr

Play this jam on Tuesday, and you’ll be singing along to this old country song. It has all the required lyrics for a true country song.

13. Super Tuesday by Vic Chesnutt

This song has a sugary sweet sound, and it will make you feel like an optimist when you’re not one at all. It’s a song about trying to get out of the blues and making the most of what you have. It will help you on Tuesdays when it’s been raining all week long, and you’re stuck in traffic jams.

14. Ruby Tuesday by The Corrs

Tuesdays are never better days, but with lovely jam sessions at some local pub, you might start to enjoy them. This song is about a bar owner who wants to have fun with his employees and friends, so he encourages everyone to drop by for drinks tonight.

15. Red Tuesday by Mash Beatz

Make your Tuesday a romantic one by playing this song in your bedroom when you have a special someone come over for some love-making.

Cold Shower Tuesdays by Bowling for Soup

Here is another Tuesday hit that can make you feel like the hero in your own life. Increase the volume of your speaker while taking shower on Tuesday morning and enjoy the lyrics.

16. Tuesday’s Dead by Cat Stevens

Even if Tuesday seems a boring or terrible day, Cat Stevens will make you realize that Tuesday is the day that is not like any other day.

17. On Tuesday by Men Without Hats

Tuesdays are not supposed to be boring. Try to play this song in your car and sing along with full happiness.

18. Tuesday Moon by Neutral Milk Hotel

Have this jam on your Tuesday playlist. This song will make you dance and forget about the pains and sorrows of life.

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As you can see, music is always the cure to any boredom. Jumpstart your week with these beautiful Tuesday songs, and you’ll have a fruitful week ahead.



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