2 Real – Song and Lyrics by 3-2


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘2 Real’ by 3-2. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of 3-2 or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

featuring 3 2 UGK

(Bun B)

I always wanted to be the biggest man in somethin

had to find my place

But the world can leave a foul taste on the tongue

had to dodge a case

Had to dodge a bullet

And the nigga that tried to pull it

The streets is throwed

If I don’t get lean and blowed everyday

I feel just like I’ma explode on overload and overdrive

All my life this drive I tried

I seen a lot of good niggas die

Cause somebody hated somebody lied or somebody snitched

Or somebody’s a bitch

I wish I could change the past

But I gots to live in the present and pray

that tomorrow this shit don’t last, I’m livin to fast

Shit, my momma asked me who I was like she ain’t know me

But, to tell the truth I didn’t know myself

I found out she had to told me

Just to show me just how good I had it

I guess I couldn’t see it

Mild-mannered I just couldn’t be it

But that was just the way we used to G it

One of the wrongest niggas I see

Or one of the strongest niggas I know

Walkin on my tippy-toe cause the life I live ain’t long and I know

So I put weed in the bong and I blow

Stay cool calm and collected a neglected

Child that grew into a man that’s widely respected

Too real


I feel no pain

I can’t complain

Stuck in the game

Tryin to maintain

Cause I’m so real

(Pimp C)

We blow big everyday

But that don’t stop our pain

Or bring back our homeboys that we done lost off in this dirty game

Got niggas doin 40

When you 25 that’s life

I guess when your career is sellin dope somebody got to pay the price

These bitch ass niggas shife

Niggas might snitch out they momma

That’s why me and Leroy watch stay strapped and ready for all drama

Cause we ain’t promised tomorrow

But nigga you promised to die

Nigga can’t you see you gettin to high trippin of that potent fry

At night I talk to God and try to understand

How people can worship false prophets and say prayers to a man

I guess they already gone, ain’t nothin gone bring them back

So I just say thanks for what I got and blow on indo sacks

I still love my piece of change, wood grain and big head ones

But I had to realize in life everything ain’t always fun

I guess that’s true for some

But them hoes will never win

Out here just hustlin and grindin

Tryin to change from niggas to men



My nigga you a ho to me

Boy you done went off on me

Runnin round with the fakin and hatin

I’ma blast if you run up on me

I’ma do my dirt by my lonely so that nobody can snitch

This matter coulda been resolved

if you woulda came clean and paid my shit

See niggas disrespect the game but boy you’ll never last

Pullin that ho shit sellin your partner out for a piece of ass

And fool you claim you real but really need to be shot up

No respect for your family that’s dead

don’t write yo peoples locked up

Damn I miss my dog he was hog to this game

Unlike bustas these days that talk down on your name

You boys is funny

I’m bout my money

And oh so true

Mr. 3-2 when I never trusted you

I’m too real