Musical Theater: When Did Loud Become Good?

A question or two and a possible explanation about why musicals at the summer theatre and regional level, seems to be presented all in the same fashion. Being a life-long participant in the production of musical theater as an actor, producer, director and writer, I have of late noticed what I feel to be a … Read moreMusical Theater: When Did Loud Become Good?

Hairspray – A Musical with a Message

London’s West End is dominated by musicals, and they usually have one thing in common, romance. But there is one that has a message, and that is Hairspray. Hairspray is currently on a UK tour, and at the moment, it has landed in Eastbourne for two weeks. I thought it was just another lively American musical, … Read moreHairspray – A Musical with a Message

Mark Hellinger: The History of a Broadway Theatre

The Mark Hellinger Theatre on Broadway started off as the Warner Brothers’ Hollywood Theatre. It is now owned by the Times Square Church. Located on Broadway and 51st Street, near New York City’s bustling Times Square, the Mark Hellinger Theatre is one of Broadway’s most beautiful and coveted buildings. Becoming the Mark Hellinger Theatre Designed … Read moreMark Hellinger: The History of a Broadway Theatre

Top 10 People You Need For Good Cabaret

Want to put on a good cabaret successfully? Consider who you’ll need to invest in when you’re planning, scripting, rehearsing, and performing your show… Solo’ cabaret is really a misnomer: if you’re going to put on a cabaret show that is engaging, professional and popular, you need to create a support network of creative and … Read moreTop 10 People You Need For Good Cabaret

Best Places to See Cabaret in Melbourne

Looking for a fabulous place to perform, or eager to see the best in Australian cabaret that Melbourne has to offer? Come hear the music play… Cabaret in Australia had gained world-wide renown for its witty, edgy, innovative approach to the genre, as the internationally acclaimed Adelaide Cabaret Festival annually proves. Melbourne cabaret in particular has become … Read moreBest Places to See Cabaret in Melbourne

What is Cabaret?

Even seasoned cabaret performers struggle to define their art: from burlesque or stand-up to vaudeville or tribute shows, cabaret can be hard to pin down. Cabaret is an extraordinarily versatile, eclectic and evolving performance genre. It was born in French wine cellars in the 1800s (where the name meaning ‘tavern’ originated) as small groups of … Read moreWhat is Cabaret?

Top 10 Mistakes Made By Cabaret Performers

Cabaret might look easy, but it’s a sophisticated, finely-tuned art. Here’s some tips for new artists and music theater performers on what to look out for.. Lots of artists look at a cabaret show, and think, “I could do that!” Unfortunately, the cabaret genre is more complicated than it looks, and many newbie performers fall into the … Read moreTop 10 Mistakes Made By Cabaret Performers

Top 10 Songs NOT To Use In Cabaret

Looking for good repertoire for your upcoming cabaret show? Let’s start with all the best songs to avoid in your cabaret set list… Far too often it seems that cabaret performers forget the point of putting on a cabaret show is to entertain their audience, not indulge themselves and their theatrical egos by loading their act with a set … Read moreTop 10 Songs NOT To Use In Cabaret