After successfully dancing its way through its first tour two years ago, Flashdance: The Musical premieres once more at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London.

Based on the successful Paramount Pictures 1980s film Flashdance; this musical was always going to attract interest and excitement. The first tour launched in 2008 with an all-star supporting cast – Bernie Nolan (Hannah Owens), Bruno Langley (Jimmy Kaminsky) and Noel Sullivan (Nick Hurley) – and the amazingly talented Victoria Hamilton-Barritt as lead Alex Owens.

Audience members waited in line with anticipation to see the exciting new show based on a cult classic film and were definitely swept away. Featuring hits from the original film as well as 16 original songs and energetic dance routines, the show’s audiences were cheering for the cast from start to finish.

Flashdance Plot Synopsis

Set in Pittsburgh, USA, Flashdance follows the story of 18-year-old Alex Owens; welder by day and dancer by night, who faces a fight for the life-changing opportunity to be accepted into the Shipley Dance Academy.

The musical features the hits “Maniac”, “What a Feeling”, “Manhunt” and “Gloria”, and brings new musical delights such as “Up In Smoke”, “Steeltown Sky” and inspirational numbers like “Don’t Stop” and “You’re Not Done”. All routines have been brilliantly and energetically choreographed by former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips.

The main difference between the film and the musical is the role of Hannah, who in the film was an elderly woman known to Alex, but in the musical is her mother. This alteration of the character adds so much depth to the story and develops Alex into a complex and far more interesting character than the film version.

Flashdance on Stage

What sets this apart from the many other film to musical adaptations to hit the stage in recent years? It’s far better than its motion picture original. Although filled with beautiful and energetic dance routines, the musical is as equally about character as dance whereas the film focused on dance rather than character development.

Each of the characters is brilliantly developed and the script is far more theatrically satisfying with a heart-wrenching climax that will break the hardest of hearts.

Flashdance: The Musical will hit Shaftesbury Theatre, London from 24th September 2010 with Victoria Hamilton-Barritt reprising the role of Alex Owens, joined by Busted’s Matt Willis as Nick Hurley, Sarah Ingram as Hannah Owens and Sam Mackay as Jimmy Kaminsky. Tickets can be purchased via the Flashdance official site , which also features fan downloads.

Even if musicals are not your “thing”, this is a musical like no other and will inspire all to “take your passion and make it happen”.


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