Fourth of July – Song and Lyrics by 1st Infantry


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Fourth of July’ by 1st Infantry. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of 1st Infantry or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

(Samples by Alchemist:)
Looked up the dj, and said may I?

[Large Proffesor]
Blow and pow like 4th of July explosives?

Lit it up, like the 4th of July?



We doing it, getting our paper
We ain’t rookies, we major
Name brand gangsters, you still a demo taper
Niggaz they want to hate us

Bitches they want to rape us
Everyday is like July 4th nowadays coz
We moving independent units
We sold out in any store in the US

Getting that independent cake
We sold out in any store in the UK

[Twin Gambino]
We came to pop in
Got ya ladies, draw dropping
Nobody can stop us, I was brought up in the projects
And I got, tonz of haze from uptown

We not trying to sell that shit, that’s how we burn it down
Niggaz always drilling me, ?till they see my four pound
Bitches always feeling me, try to give me some head
While I’m in the studio, try to make that bread

Not a contriet dude, or of with ya head
Yo, 1st Infantry and fed
We gonna give you that gangsta music that hurts your ears
But the fear in ya heart, when you see the gift
We think big, A-L-see we get right

Yo, everytime I rest, I put it all on the line
Yo money never slept
That’s why I barely get blessed
That’s why I rarely go out, unless it’s love at the club

Time is bread, that’s what I’m about
And all my peoples got cloud
Check the resumé
One step closer to goal everyday

The game is to be sold not told
I tropping heavingly, world connected got the livest crew
We infinite, dropping gems but no clue


Every dollar I spend on wax , I turn it back into cash
Jetting back to the lab, I’m getting back on my job
I’m fully backed by the Mobb, I keep my back to the wall
Keep the blacks to my wall

I’m trying to stack till I ball
Until they cashing ?em all
I want to stack till this tall
Ain’t gonna rap for to long

Gonna have to move on
I’m gonna stash till I’m gone
Green grass on my longue
F*ck a bank account, I need extreme cash in my palm

Smoke blur in ya vision,
You don’t know who ya dissin’
I don’t learning no lesson
I just hold my position

I don’t go with a pistol
They just know I’m official
Shit, all I gotta do is start blowing a whistle
My name is ringing

My chain is swinging
Right now I’m speaking, but these beats are what I’m famous for fleaking

[Twin Gambino]
It’s like rolling dice, we taking the bank tonight
Cut your face with a knife, now your scared for life
All I want is ice, a car, a girl and a crib
Tired of doing biz, I just want to live

Take care of my kids, f*ck all that stress
Never wore a vest, only holding tecs


We sold out every store in L.A.
It’s loyalty where I stay, but ain’t promised today
I keep my headlights on for 9-1-1
And on July 4th I might shoot one at the sun

Independent regardless of the fact I’m a signed artist
F*ck a deal it matters who comes hardest
When I entertain, It’s like I took Sedrick for his name
Hunger is just a different form of pain

I’m ready to eat, ready to hear my name spread on the street
To the point where I don’t talk, my trackrecord speaks
To the point where I do a joint, that night it leaks
To the point where Alchemist is a hundred grand a week

Bringing the heat, so clear you understand me
Raise the stakes, up the antique
The better place, yo we land on winds
Dilated, Evidence, Alchemist, Big Twins

Check it out


(Samples and cuts by Alchemist)