Get the Bag – Song and Lyrics by A$AP Mob


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Get the Bag’ by A$AP Mob. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of A$AP Mob or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

Uh, yeah, yeah
Uh, uh, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh

Gucci, that Prada, that Fendi
Ice Cube, all about the Benjis
Spend ten bands in Fendi
A$AP, my niggas with me
Niggas be talking that bullshit
Your main bitch said I look gorgeous
What I spent on my chain, that’s your mortgage (cash out)
Brand new Porsche came with some horses
Sipping that purple like Prince
.40 my tool, that’s my wrench
Ballin’ like J-Kidd, assist
Shootin’ that three like a swish

Aye, moving in silence, I need me some guidance
I’m wildin’ this money and violence
Come out the projects, I want it, I got it
Margiela just running through college
Fresh out the Porsche, tech in my shorts
Best from the west to the north
Catching some rec with my thots, aye
Getting a check for my thoughts, aye
Dripping in jelly, I trap off a celly
I look like I’m rich in the 80’s
Droop with the grippy, I cruise through the bity
I’m buggin out crazy, no brazy

Ski mask on me so them niggas can’t trace me
Car is so fast, when I skrt they can’t chase me
Margiela, Marino, now she wanna date me
She see the money, now she tryna play me
Hop out the Rari, go vroom
I never lack, I stay with goons, thugs
And you know Gucci my shoes
Breaking the rules, stay on the news
And you know my shot go swish
Shoot from a three point, boy I won’t miss, aye
Smooky just caught a new lick
Diamonds don’t drip, don’t front, you get hit

Funny vibes, I can sense something different in the air
It’s like a weight being lifted
Take some hatred, oh I get it
Really trippin’ cause you broke and you in your feelings
Let her go, she in her feelings
Niggas can’t tell you shit, man, don’t know the difference
When you’re in your twenties making parents’ livid
‘Cause you making millions
Make ’em wanna live it than you make a living
Over what you spent and making poor decisions
Music for the children, hope they make it
Major even independent, free them out the penni’
Keep him out the prison, writing freedom with the pen and pencil
MTV about a Interstitial
F*ck with me because it’s beneficial
Unexpected like an incidental

Chasing that bag
2017, 2018
They bragging about hoes I had
Coming through stunting too
Looking like a nigga dad
Foreign bitches, pull up
Type of bitches nigga wish he had
Looking in the mirror, vision getting clearer
I see why you mad
Chickens coming in, they gotta go
She ain’t fucking then she gotta go
Wanna see me drown, I gotta float
Best believe I get it by the boat
Thirsty bitch, she wanna sit up in it
Had your bitch and she be lickin’ in it
Car so big she wanna get up in it
Tell the bitch to chill but she still catching feelings

.45 that chopper, it ready to spit on you niggas
All of my bitches, they fucking, they acting siddity
Yah, stacking the guap, feel like Diddy
All of my bitches get millie
Popping that molly prescription
All of my niggas, they dishing
I just go hard in the kitchen
Bitches they fuckin’, they lickin’
Carti, I’m getting that, uh
Told her go mind her own business

‘Fore I die, I’mma make a billie
Stack a couple millie, ‘Rari in the billy
House upon the hilly, diamonds getting chilly
Bunch of indie niggas with me repping Philly
Oh Lord, it’s the Hood Pope
Shouldn’t walk cause I could float
Model bitch, get a good throat
Said she in love with the hood folks, god damn

Nasty baby, 2017
Big ol’ diamonds in my pinky ring
Prada on me, bitch I do my thing
Yeah, aye, I ain’t gotta talk to you niggas lame
Aye, disappear on ’em like David Blaine
Combat boots on me like Major Payne
These niggas is funny like Damon Wayans
Boy you so broke, man that shit a shame

Member times I was broke, now I’m getting that bag
Member times I was broke, now I’m getting that bag
Member times I was broke, man I’m getting that bag
See I remember times I was broke, now a nigga chasin’ that bag