Goody Goody Gumdrops – Song and Lyrics by 1910 Fruitgum Company


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Goody Goody Gumdrops’ by 1910 Fruitgum Company. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of 1910 Fruitgum Company or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

I want to find somebody to care,
I want to catch some rice in my hair.
I need love and I want you, I do,
I want to spen my life loving you.
Rice Is Nice, that’s what they say,
Rice Is Nice, throw some my way,
Rice Is Nice on any day,
Twice as nice when violins play.
If I decide to walk beside you,
Can I depend on your love being true?
And when I get older and wrinkles appear,
Will I still find some rice in my hair