Hand in Hand – Song and Lyrics by 2nd II None


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Hand in Hand’ by 2nd II None. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of 2nd II None or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

[Featuring 2nd II None El Debarge]


Ha ha yeah check it out money & pussy make the world go ’round

(That’s right) That’s how it’s been since the beginning of time.

Now who says we can’t be fly?

Who say Compton niggas can’t get they scrilla

At the same time get some thigh

Well uh that’s the subject of my conversation

Cause ain’t nothin’ like gettin’ a dollar & some penetration

Now that’s a whole lot easier to understand now a days

But uh some of you playas still be going out sideways

So umm just take this game with a tic tac

Cause if you was on Skid Row you can get

Pussy faster than a Big Mac

I owe it to myself to be fly that’s what Top Dog taught a boy

Cause instead of Mounds these bitches always want Almond Joy

Because uhh “Sometimes they feel like a nut”

But they rather have it more often than they don’t

So I won’t go flippin’ & makin’ it topsy turvy

Now keep my hundred dollar bills crisp & that ass curvy

Cause ain’t nuthin’ on my mind but to be fly through time

Havin’ a nest egg bird behind an estate that’s mine

Watchin’ Jordan go for forty in a sucker tub

Eatin’ Cheetos drinkin’ Mo’ & getting a back scrub

Because first you get the power then you get the money

Then you get the pussy dude don’t be no dummy uhh

Chorus El Debarge:

Playas get they paper when they game is tight

And if you want some nana that’s for you to decide

But as long as you ain’t simpin’ then ya doin’ it right

’cause together they go hand in hand Oh yeah


[D: ]

She want to make me break code but I can’t

I want to fire it up & hit it pass it like dank

Baby all in my square big buddha long hair

Fly Chinese & Black for a mack plus player

D baby I’ma get ya hot want to get ya full blown

So we all can hit the spot (now you gotta shake the spot)

Got game by the tons lookin’ for some 2nd II None

Kinda fun but these hookers on the run for cover

They lookin’ for lovers ain’t no trickin’ young D

’cause I’m unlike the others not a buster

I’m on the mission for figures time up for you diggers

(Now who got the Henn’?) Pass the liquor

Hoes hear the name it get’s ’em hotter

Spin a scraggler on a wheel now they call me D the Potter

Lotta hatin’ going on but I ain’t with it

I’ma mash on that drama everytime that I feel it

‘Cause I’d rather have a major end than have sex

And when I have a million to splurge you know what’s next

But first you get the power then you get the money

Then you get the pussy fool don’t be no dummy


[Bridge ]

El Debarge talking:

Yeah first comes the power then the money heh

And if you really just want it the

Na na na na la di da na na na la di da

[KK: ]

I understand that you think you grown

Independent on ya own with ya jazzy ways

My intent is ya lay but first I’m out to get paid not played

Can’t be yo’ incredible edible egg

I don’t crack nor split my yolk with the female folk

Now baby break yourself get broke you can choke

Off this young black better than Mary Jane

In ya brain I’m guaranteed to have ya thinkin’ & feelin’ thangs

Like yourself now uhh watch ya health if ya feel like plottin’

Ya body turns rotten from the inside out that pussy’s turned out

Getting hit by a sucker a 2 minute brother

Who’s first 10 seconds is thinkin’ he came up

That next full minute suckin ya drama up

50 seconds to go see half of that is the show

Now where the other half you can’t laugh

’cause you know it’s straight simpin’ & whinin’

‘stead of pimpin’ & grindin’ KK’ll let you know

So pay attention bro

See first you get the power then you get the money

Then you get the pussy don’t be the dummy though

[Chorus 4X]