Let It All Hang Out – Song and Lyrics by A.D.O.R.


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Let It All Hang Out’ by A.D.O.R.. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of A.D.O.R. or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

[Pete Rock]
Ah… yeah…
Chillin’ with, A.D.O.R., see’mon

Me and Pete Rock

[P. Rock]

Kick the fat tracks

[P. Rock]


[P. Rock]

[Verse One: A.D.O.R.]
Pumpin’ out fuel, for all to use yo
We’re gettin’ buckwild on this A.D.O.R. slammin’ groove
Steppin’ up to bum-rush the stage
Get the crew motivator by the spark of the rage
The mic is the teacher, to get you out the cage
From the get-go, the critics ranted and raved
Cause Hip-Hop was too strong
The road to the riches we began to pave
Where the body, the mind, the soul become one
Intertwined with PEACE and hostility none
Is the message loud and clear, for all to hear
And may the crowds cheer (uh!) which is a season of the year
The flow, a-to a rugged kind of tempo
And what this all means it’s time to let yourself go (go)
It’s time to get you on to this ninety-delic tip
I’m not a hippie but yo be I’m hip
A ninety-delic definition means no more self doubt (yeah)
Future on point yo my brother’s gonna work it out
The pressure gets hot a state of mind is in with clout
Flip off the vibes see’mon and let it all hang out

[Chorus: Pete Rock scratches and talks] + (A.D.O.R.)
Let it all hang out (uh, cause we got what ya like)
Hang it out… Let it all hang out (Cause we got what ya like)
Hang it out… (Let it all hang out) yeah, see’mon, hang it out
Let it all hang out, hang it out

[Verse Two: A.D.O.R.]
See’mon, feel the vibe from the rhythm as I break the devil’s ties
A feeling of good times, musical highs (yeah)
Rhythm, harmony, soul skills and that put together
For the master plan is surely to attract (uh!)
The people it take, the speakers to quake, the points to make
The A.D.O.R. possesses what it takes
To make it feel good, the way it should
Give me the mic and Pete Rock and you know I could
Stand up get’cha all, uh, all night long (yeah)
It feels too right, too strong to be wrong
Let’s turn it up, full blast, and make it last
Yo I’m thinkin’ bout the future, {f*ck} the past
With the beat that’s pumpin’ (uh)
To get the people jumpin’ but sayin’ somethin’
Do you know what, I’m talkin’ about
When I tell you to express yourself (yes sir)
And let it all hang out


[A.D.O.R.] Pete Rock, give it to ’em

[Verse Three: A.D.O.R.]
So clap your hands, hip-hop fans
For Another Definition Of the Rhythm is what you demand (yeah)
Pump your fists and yell go, go
For what A.D.O.R. possesses is a feeling from seasoned soul
For all to feel, cause our feeling is real
Some new jacks don’t know the deal
If you can shake it (shake it), and not fake it (fake it)
See’mon rise you’re gonna make make make it
To the top of the pile, get hyped fly child (yeah)
While this record’s spinnin’, I’m settin’ the pace
Feel the bass cause the verdict is in (uh-huh)
E.M.’s on the case, to get you all, uh
With the beat that’s raw
And keep it then I’ll give it to you, uh of course
I don’t drink the Stout, but I get wide open (yeah)
When I shout, when I shout ah-let it all hang out


[A.D.O.R. – speaking over Chorus]
Cause we got what’cha like
Ah-let it all hang out, cause we got what’cha like