Non Compos Mentis – Song and Lyrics by Aceyalone


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Non Compos Mentis’ by Aceyalone. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of Aceyalone or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

[Mikah 9]
Non compos mentis and moon struck
come, pompous apprentice and succumb
To this relentless, yes, the sun
rises and sets yet you see none
of it’s effects until it’s done
then you’d reflect on how you’d run
I’d take a step, your momentum
I had still kept, fool

[Abstract Rude]
they eat then they want to smoke then they eat food
repetitive cycle ’til I feel in the mood
other crews can’t copy, they ain’t got the magnitude
I hit ’em up, a heavyweight, they call ’em Ab Rude
this is not simply just to downplay wishes
made by emcees who found they status
do what you do to live life lavish
have this cabbage, heavy baggage

Well I would like to start by saying
life has to be sparked each day
and night, got to be smart don’t play
your time, you won’t be back
when I speak I slice the words up like a slasher
private party crasher, dasher, rational thinker
sparkle a twinkle, third eye glimmer
sky swimmer
I like to let it simmer ’til the lights get dimmer
and I like talking about dilemma
and come up with a solution for the pollution
my contribution being the superior being at emceeing
and seeing the light love being in the light
but they snatch it like a thief in the night

[Mikah 9]
(right, right, you know what I mean)
I call them the cookie monsters
on the grind for these Entemanns, Chips-A-Hoy
combined with M&Ms, money, main
these be -Boys prosper posture on top of the roster exposed impostor
send him in, rendering him limb and limb
salted wounded, squeezing a little lemon in
torture sounding from drowning porter subjects surrendering
my tender and remembering the splendor when
I put my first splinter in nail
cuticle, black male
and you and yo honey giving skully to Clinton insider her cubicle
checks not cash knots
she also gotta keester half this poultry up that twat
the rest will go up to other how’s tickling the G-spot
on G.P. you could D.P. the sales manager and the VP
you could smuggle me a key
I best belive that’s how it be
just smoke this weed and leave with all the homies

[Abstract Rude]
Out the hotel
ain’t we having a car come pick us up?
the life of a star come hook us up
studios, stages and the streets, bomb beats
pages of loose leaf, blazing the keef
courageous, the truth speaks louder than lies
so when they hear you style they be proud of you guys
search from land to land
go from a thousand to a hundred to ten
and couldn’t find an honest man
it ain’t always what it’s promised to be
they don’t stop until the thirty third and a third degree
shhh… can you keep a secret? of course
or yell it loud ’til your voice hoarse
out the airport
and we having a plane fly us out
we the truest, they interview us for what we write about
whether we’re right or wrong
once again it’s on ’til the night is gone
get in a zone from the dome and a tight song

Well life just ain’t sugary and buttery, is it?
now what, are we fooling ourselves thinking that it is?
I’m thinking that these kids need to know it from the jump
and be it that I’m a poet trying to get over the hump
I could play it like a trump
make you sicker than the mumps
the days come hella fast and the money comes in clumps
and sometimes it don’t come at all
you run you fall come one for all for one
depending on exactly where you from
’cause the only way to be immortalized to be organized
and be able to be mobilized and look over the skies
I speak for an Overise and I stand for the universe
and freedom of man original with the tan
can I expand? can I feel the crowd?
if you don’t want me to touch you then, uhh, speak up now
yeah, I keep my eyes on the owl and the sparrow
and the eagle and the hawk
They say why you talk that crazy talk
I tell ’em “we see what your eyes can’t see”
on me, “we hear what ears can’t hear”
poetry we can be what nobody can be
solely the only lonely truly

[Mikah 9]
Non compos mentis and moon struck
come pompas apprentice and circum
To this relentless the sun
rises and sets yet you see none
of it’s effects until it’s done
then you’d reflect on how you’d run
I’d take a step, your momentum
I had still kept, fool