Ready 4 War – Song and Lyrics by (Dyno) Zro


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Ready 4 War’ by (Dyno) Zro. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of (Dyno) Zro or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

The youngest guerilla in here mayn, Young Dyno
In here with Trae, D and S.L.A.B
We representing this to the fullest mayn, AK’s loaded
And cocked, but now the clip’s ready to peel on a punk

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]
Why’all niggaz better run, we ready for war
This ain’t no game we off the chain, and playing it raw
Speaking my name you better quit, ‘fore you lose your jaw
S-L-A-be that’s on my life, we ready for war

Who gon represent for Texas, like I represent for Texas
And who this nigga talking down on Dirty South, niggaz rapping reckless
Scared took him out of the hotel, ’cause when Ro swang Ro swell
Eyebrows and jaws, so in my presence Mr. don’t tell
I’m a motherfucking murderer, you the wanksta
Popping that gangsta shit on the radio, and it’s disturbing you
Big Moe nigga that’s my big dog, and my love ain’t never gon withdrawal
So we clicked up coming to get why’all, my nigga Ja said you’s a bitch dog
I’m a soldier, these niggaz ain’t never gon learn
Fucking with the fire bitch nigga you freezing, then you burn
This is M-O-E, Murder Of Everything in front of us
And can’t nobody stop it, because the reaper’s coming to cancel every one of us
And it’s all gravy, all of my niggaz are hard plus we all crazy
Wishing I can be a peaceful man and, hoping that the Lord save me
F*ck a nigga named 50 Cent, you nothing but change
I’m a whole dolla nigga, hanging one in your brain

Now can you picture see smoke out choked out, with Guerilla Maab
Mob figgas representing, and we here to do the job
Got my step-on nigga shoes on, ‘case it get dirty
‘Cause man it’s going down, in the Thirty
It’s for war thirty, f*ck President Bush
If he was close to the edge, then I’ll give him a push
And do this whole world a favor, hey there howdy neighbor
Shit, I’m sorry I took so long to save you
I was getting my dick sucked, by my secretary
She asked me my sign, I told her bitch Aires
I stay on Barbary and Scott, 5000 block
I paint the white house black, and start renting it out

In this underground game, I’m rolling with S.L.A.B
Black H2 Hummers, when we holding the Avenue
Got a itching trigga finger, when I’m holding my strap
Nigga they call me hit man, don’t get your wig pushed back
Man some of these niggaz, is bitches too
Steady riding my dick, like bitches do
You a gangsta or a hoe, nigga which is you
Archie Lee been real, before I had a crew
Get it right don’t get it wrong, I stay’s in the zone
Plus my piece got yellow stones, like I stayed on the Stone
I spit that hood shit, that wood shit
Hershelwood for life, matter fact it’s all good bitch

I heard a nigga in the game, was saying my name
But now my glock is fully loaded, and ready to aim
S-L-A-be until I’m gone, and I’m repping it strong
You don’t want to see these gorillas, running up in your home
Everybody better clear the lot, when the lights off
I set it off, when I luger ride for the cause
And f*ck the law, I’ma mash till I’m finished and done
And when it’s all said and done, I’ma be number one
And I bet that I’m a soldier that’ll fold you, I done told you
Niggaz getting ran over, in a Rover
Trae forever staying sober, like a Jehovah
Witness I’m at your door brah, door brah

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

Let’s take it, to the streets
Any one of you, motherfuckers got beef
I will fill you, with heat
Get the nine millimeter fitted up in my denim, on my creep
Who that want to do that, bitch or come through that
And sweep up, that street
I’m a motherfucking G, and bitch you gon’ listen to me
When I speak, ain’t got no time to try to be friendly
Motherfuckers, must didn’t hear me
Move around bitch, before you feel me
We smoke em, and choke em
Then fry a motherfucker, just like a poker
The game is now over, be the next
To the thoedest cats or now open, are you playing with me boy
Watch a nigga bob and weave, and then we break jaw
We ain’t barring no law
Snap rugged and rough, and playing this game raw
Bitch we ready for war, anybody running up is bound to get scarred
D-O-you-G I are, dropping bombs up on you bitches going hard

These niggaz be plexing and talking down, on a G ass nigga
Sweet pea ass nigga, f*ck around and catch the heat ass nigga
Beefing with me a nigga named be , you silly rabbits finna see
A guerilla thriller will kill a nigga, in these H-Town streets
Ready for war boy we raw, I thought I told you cats
Who was the nigga that had to bust, and make the crowd move back
Never slacking or lacking, still attacking like I’m Sadaam
Set it off like the chirp that’s going off, on the alarm
Doing harm nigga we swarm, on any and every hater in sight
F*ck around and call a nigga Teddy, steady turning off your lights
Night lights gon get burned, fucking with paper that I earned
S.L.A.B. gladiating on hating, see you cats gon learn

It’s Jay’Ton, motherfuckers and if they don’t know the name
From the wild wild West, slugging em like Jesse James
Dog better get the f*ck back, ‘fore I f*ck around and leave a nigga flat
With a cardiac heart attack, slugs stuck off in your back
See I ain’t tripping mayn, I’m one of the young guerillas
That’s stacking scrilla, slash a killa cause I’m a made nigga
You don’t want to get hauled on, or straight clicked on
I’ve been a G ever since the day, that I left home

S-L-A-be , one of these motherfuckers finna see
I’ve been a sad cat with a fat cat all the way back, still spitting with heat
One of the rap game phenomenon’s, me and my click be ready for war
You better get your entourage, ‘fore you get calicoes through your car
Or you’ll get a 44 to your jaw, ain’t no love boxing we raw
And if you really think that we playing, step in the ring so you can get scarred
Guerillas ready for havoc, on a mission to let you have it
To tell the truth I done had it, this game is really fin to get tragic
I ain’t having when I’m busting on first and ten, I’ma be rushing
Till a nigga left with concussions, bring the end of discussion dog
You don’t want to get me pissed off or ticked off your ass is fin to get pissed on
Not dissed on but clicked on, for stepping inside my zone

50 Cent, baby that’s nothing but chump change
Shooting slugs at my partna, disrespecting the game
So feel this verbal cocaine, your whole tape was trash
Now the whole Screwed Up Click, gon beat that ass
So when you come in H-Town, don’t hide behind your circle
We gon’ tear the club up, leave both your eyes purple
Hurt you bitch nigga, that’s from the Boss Man
I’m known for slapping boys, knocking em out with my hands
Understand bow down, and show some respect
We clicked up and heated, with knives hanging round our neck
I’m a cold blooded killa, do a murder for the price
So call the ambulance, and put this bitch up on some ice

[Chorus: Repeat 2X
(*Z-Ro talking*)
2K3, S-L-A-be , slow, loud and bangin’
In your motherfucking face, in your motherfucking trunk
Hell naw, it ain’t gon’ never stop nigga
We don’t know how to stop, so shit we just gon’
Keep going, and matter fact this hoe ass nigga 50 Cent
Bitch you ain’t nothing but two quarters nigga
We made change out of your bitch ass, nigga
We hold dolla bills round this bitch, holding
Ain’t a god damn thang stolen
Big Moe, that’s my motherfucking nigga for L-I-F-E
So f*ck you niggaz, till you D-E-A-D
Run up on us if you want to nigga, get your bitch ass slid
Into a motherfucking coma, yeah nigga
Like H-A-Dub-K say nigga, we ain’t gon’ play
We got the motherfucking K, we ready to spray
With no delay, feel me nigga Mo City Texas
Till a nigga gone, forever rolling with my chrome

(*Dyno talking*)
Nigga in the right state of mind, again again
Letting you punk ass niggaz, know about war
You know I’m saying, niggaz out here we glove or
We can glock it up, you know I’m saying ain’t no playing out here
It’s gorillas for real, lil’ orangutan ass chipmunk ass niggaz
Why’all better represent this to the fullest mayn, this S.L.A.B
Bitches understand this mayn, all that talking down
Running the diarrhea out your mouth, get something to talk about
‘Cause a nigga’ll slap your track out bitch, you know I’m saying
Hoe ass niggaz, trying to ride red niggaz know Ike painting
Ain’t like Ike’s know I’m saying, do what you like