Roll with Me – Song and Lyrics by 8Ball


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Roll with Me’ by 8Ball. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of 8Ball or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

[P. Diddy]

Yeah, yeah
This big ‘Ball man, P. Diddy and MJG
We raw man (we raw) if pimp was a drug we’d O.D. (c’mon)
Got game for days, better keep yo’ broad away from a nigga like me
I likes to play (I likes to play)
Drop the top and feel the summer breeze (let’s go)
I know you can get with that, flipping through the city
Bright lights and all my G’s is out here rolling wit me (c’mon)
Big trucks, or four deep in a old school
Looking for the hoes, at a club – full of drunk fools
(What what what?) Who want to get it krunk non-stop
(Who you with? Who you with?) Yo chill fo’ them guns pop
Official player anthem, say what you drinking shorty?
Pop that Henn roll something let’s get this party started
I roll with Bad Boys (Bad Boy) we like them bad girls (bad girls)
Them fast girls, them love to shake that ass girls (shake that ass)
Get with me, let’s get a suite, order something to eat
Tell me things about you (c’mon) and I’ll tell you things about me
(Let’s go)

[Chorus: Faith Evans]
Sure enough riding, won’t you come roll with me
Come on, roll with me
We can put the top down on the highway and feel the breeze
We can feel the breeze
Baby we can kiss the sky, don’t matter if we never come down
We ain’t never coming down
Repping N-why-see and Memphis Tennessee is how it goes down..

[P. Diddy]
(Uh-huh, yeah yeah)
Yeah, uhh
Let’s blow the roof off (roof off) let’s ride out (ride out)
Let’s try to put these city lights out (lights out)
Just flow with me (flow with me)
It’s Diddy with some niggas that why y’all know with me
(Who?) Eightball and MJG (that’s right)
We got it man (c’mon) from Harlem to Tennessee
Let’s roll through ’em, how I call it is how I see it (that’s right)
Let yourself go (self go) the way I keep it real
with a smile that reminds you of my Bentley front grill
Yes it’s on again (c’mon) to a place near you
I’m looking out my rearview, fresh gear too (yeah)
Holla at your man (holla at him) I’m clean and I’m tight (c’mon)
That’s all day and night, these shoes fit me right
Just bending corners, know just where you can find
me picture this (picture this) you only have to use yo’ mind
What you know good (you know good)
It’s your world and I’m just in it (what?)
It’s just the way that God must have meant it
Speak of the man


Pimp tight! M-J-G
Fin’ to get up on the mic with a passion
Get up on some pads Gwen, my chick get her ass in
For the track, make my money
Bring it on back to the middle of the floor
I want the whole stack
Plus I, need a little more, I gotta eat a little mo’
My seed gotta grow
I got a reason to flow, a reason to show
What I mean is I go
off like a champ, when I cling to the floor
My Twinkies shine when I hit the strip, ‘llac dipping
Strictly pimping, as long as tricks invest in women
From the Memphis Tenn., to the N-why-see I’m representing
I put mo’ spice into yo’ life than yo’ entire kitchen
Big dicking, choking hoes with anaconda
If my pimping was a drink it’d be a can of Thunder
I slang lumber, a spell I keep my women under
Through all seasons, they fall winter spring and summer
I hit the highway smoked out pistol gripping
But I ain’t tripping though I’m high as hell, spaceship’n

[Chorus: x2]