Success – Song and Lyrics by Aesop



Duration: 4:16

Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Success’ by Aesop. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of Aesop or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.


[Mr. Lif]
This is rock bottom why yall, I never expected it
In order to be businesslike you must meet the prerequisite
Leave your culture at home, smile, don’t be too proud, too wild
You may suffer, just don’t cry out loud
This notion of professionalism is like an exorcism
Forced to give your life away while you’re earnin’ a livin’
These thoughts had stopped me from rejoinin’ the work force
But now the situation I’m in, just seems to hurt more
Maybe it won’t be bad, maybe it’ll be good
I could use a little structure in my life, maybe I should
Take my suit and tie out of the closet
Try shinin’ my shoes and brush the fuckin’ dust off of my wallet
Let’s consider the prospects, make a couple phone calls
Now so many interviews you know I got next week
I’m strictly goin’ from the bottom to the peak
I’m ready focused and determined to get back on my feet

[Chorus: Aesop Rock]
Daddy had a name tag that said, “Busy Working”
Mommy had a milk carton that said, “Missing Person”
John had a new baseball glove, with nobody to learn with
That’s oil and water trying to mix on the same surface

[Mr. Lif]
I got a job at a business place I chose not to name
Ask me how did I achieve this so quick? Yes you may
Back when I was compiled a stunning resume
I didn’t value way back then, but boy it helped today
I’m pushin’ every single thought of rebellin’ away
I’m workin’ real hard, and my pockets are swellin’, and hey
Can you believe I met the girl of my dreams, I swear she’s meant for me
We’ve been together over 2 years, goin’ on 3
We married on our 4th anniversary
Bought a house and turned a room into a nursery
For the bouncin’ baby that we’re expecting in June
I sat in that delivery room from noon, to noon
24 hours of labour then the nurse asked me his title for the paper
You know, so the government can chase ya’
First name: John, Last name: Insignificant
I’m smiling like a proud dad; I got the birth certificate
Go to the house and here’s my
And I looked around and nothing’s good enough for her or him
So my 8 hour days became 9; 9 slid up to 10; a subtle slip up to 11 and then
And after a 12 hour day, I too little energy to say ‘I love you’ to my baby
Or play daddy to J, and I thought this was the way
O be a husband and a father
I guess I could’ve looked in her eyes, and seen I lost her
But it wasn’t my fault, I’m workin’ hard, it couldn’t be
I’ve been successfully existing as a member of this family
I was so convinced the household had to always be complete
I didn’t realize the only thing that’s missing is me


[Mr. Lif]
There was never any talk of divorce
I can’t believe how focused I was in the face of such a huge potential loss
Thought I signed a grievance with the boss
In fact, I was mad at my wife, as if she’s trying to knock me off course
But I still visited the florist, to get her flowers
(When the last time I did this?) Hmm, not since our wedding shower
I got home and I was greeted by the fact we’d been deleted
I was someone that my wife and child thought they no longer needed
And before I could say, ‘Where’s John?’
I looked down and he was clingin’ to her arm
I realized-ed that I’m wrong
I blacked out and by the time I came to, they were gone
But somehow I sat and shook my head, and then I carried on
And I still completed 3 weeks of work, before my breakdown
The ambulances came and I got medicine to take now
And it’s hard to get a job when you been treated and released
So both my relationship and my career had deceased
It took years to put myself together, piece by piece
And thank God I found a woman that’s propitiate with me
And I’ll never let this happen again, it’s not to be
I’m ready focused and determined to get back on my feet

[Aesop Rock]
Daddy had a name tag that said, “Busy Working”
Mommy had a milk carton that said, “Missing Person”
John had a new baseball glove, with nobody to learn with
The oil left the water and the water kept searchin’