Trill – Song and Lyrics by Adoni


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Trill’ by Adoni. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of Adoni or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

(God bless, these the last days)

Well is it trill, yeah it’s trill, ’bout as trill as it gets
Well is it real, nah man, we ’bout sick a that shit
Well is it trill, yeah it’s trill, ’bout as trill as it gets
Well is it trill, it’s so trill
Is it trill, yeah it’s trill, ’bout as trill as it gets
Well is it real, nah man, we ’bout sick a that shit
Well is it trill, yeah it’s trill, ’bout as trill as it gets
Well is it trill, it’s so trill

Michelle died on the damn run, runnin from life
I’m gettin stares from these bitches, riches got ’em so shife
Evil lurks in my mind, though I’m tryin to find peace
My mom is payin for a crib, a cracker’s holdin the lease
These niggas holdin the piece, cock the hammer, heard it click
Gun held in my hand, but the glock it didn’t spit
Niggas takin my shit, I ran my clothes and my shoes
??? robbin a nigga, kill his ass if he move
But why’all ain’t killin Lavell, without a fight tonight
Nigga, I ain’t never did shit, I been a muthafuckin victim
why’all can have this cash, but let me catch ya ass slippin
I’m bringin drama tonight, and takin back my Scottie Pippen’s


Uh, recognize we some trill niggas with that rhyme,
in the grind, all the time
Free for stylin, through the mind
Laughin Lana’s hard to find
Turnin water, into wine, makin dollars, outta dimes
Savin souls we gone shine, watermelon to the rhine
Chicken wings and musket dimes
Ballin off the laker pines
Shake a nigga, to the nines
Swoop his ass up out his vines
Trans bitch, make you rich, pick a style then watch it switch
Maybe why’all can check it like this here, check it
Let me show why’all trill, can a brother get ill
What’s the deal if I still feel
like I won’t kill ’cause I just can’t pay my bills
And my got damn girl won’t take her pills
Make a nigga want to play the field, pray for real
Hopin all my partners stay for real
Can you say boy Crooked Lettaz ain’t for real?
‘Cause we makin that shit that the playas feel
You done made a deal, ’cause ya tape don’t hit
Talk that talk, and ya boy can’t spit
Ain’t no bigger than a small time
Lav, get my money, better find that trick
Stick, move, can’t, lose, do them shows, pay them dues
Hip-hop, worldwide, Mississippi, play them blues
Choose life, through the strife
Take some kids, and a wife
Knife, edge, cut a wedge
Keep ya juice and know the ledge
Dead, still, run a mil, south niggas keep it trill for real


These demons searchin for my soul, they gettin closer and warm
Enemies in pale skin in my physical form
No, it’s funny, ’cause I don’t even mourn for the day
I can’t get these white pictures of Jesus outta my head
The preacher’s Bible said there’s no depiction of Christ
But then they lie to a brother, now my mind ain’t right
‘Cause if God is white, and black folks ain’t shit
But they know that he wasn’t, but they couldn’t run the risk
Of their town praisin one who looked more like ???
They rather play in my mind and send us all to hell
But I’m here to tell the truth, f*ck the myths and the lies
But what’s bad they can’t even look me straight in my eyes


(Crump and Kamikaze-talking)
I’d like to say this shit
wouldn’t have ever happened without our man —,
you know what I’m sayin
He laid this shit down for here, and his little daughter,
you know what I’m sayin
You’ll make this trill for us daddy, you know what I’m sayin
So trill, so trill, so trill, so trill, so trill
Much love, everybody that keep it trill
All the trill niggas
Missippii, Jacktown, lil’ Africa baby,
everybody in the NY lookin out for us,
Chi-Town, Cali baby, all over the world daddy
It don’t matter where you from it’s trill everywhere you go
Texas, Atlanta, Tennessee
You know what I’m sayin,
they tryin to make you think the same shit ain’t
happenin on the west coast, that’s happenin on the east coast,
this shit is happenin to all us worldwide
London, Africa, the same trill shit goin on
Our folks is hurtin, shit is trill, Australia
Bullshit, it don’t matter
(Nah man, I’m sick of this shit)
It don’t matter, trill right here man,
’bout as trill as it gets, all over,
shit, God bless, God bless
so trill, so trill, straight out a lil’ Africa baby
Crooked Lettaz, a new beginning baby
Andre, it’s the peace daddy, know that