Beonix international electronic music festival is a major event combining art and music planned for this September. The festival provides its visitors with an atmosphere of comfort and freedom. And based on last year’s experience, Beonix creators established a renovated concept of the festival and prepared many surprises. 

The event is going to be even bigger than last season. Multiple feedback and appreciation made it clear that Cyprus is the right place, with its aura of neverending vacation, rich traditions, and a scent of history. This year Beonix once again will let you be yourself and get a powerful energetic impulse to feel this life even when the majority of music events in Europe have come to an end.

In the realm of music festivals that seek to unite music enthusiasts from across the globe, Beonix Festival shines bright as a unique and captivating experience. This article delves into the essence of Beonix Festival, exploring how it seamlessly combines music, art, and community to create an unforgettable event that leaves a lasting impression on its attendees.

About the Festival Concept

The Beonix music festival team prioritizes the concept of creating a safe and productive space, a new meeting point, and a performance site available for everybody. And a historic location in Limassol that became a new Beonix residence is being created following these principles. Its exceptional atmosphere and welcoming, friendly vibes will attract art and music lovers, talented performers, and skillful startuppers. 

The Beonix Festival 2023 will be the entry point where everybody can feel new, fantastic emotions, make new connections to people alike, and enjoy themselves without prejudice and limitations. Beonix is open to people of different personalities, nationalities, sexualities, religions, and genders who are united by similar ideas and views.

A Safe Haven for All

Beonix Festival prides itself on creating an atmosphere of where attendees can embrace their true selves without fear of judgment or prejudice. From the moment visitors step foot on the festival grounds, they are greeted with a warm and welcoming environment, ensuring everyone feels safe and included.

The festival’s commitment to safety extends beyond physical wellbeing to emotional and mental health. Beonix Festival provides support and resources, including dedicated safe spaces and qualified professionals, to ensure the well-being of all attendees. This inclusive approach acknowledges the importance of mental health and encourages open dialogue and support for those who may be struggling.

Made With Care: Talk About Boundaries

The festival philosophy rests on the principle of self-acceptance and being yourself. Therefore, you can do whatever you want, love whoever you prefer, and wear outfits you like without any stereotypes but within the rules of morals and law. These boundaries cannot be violated because the festival creators strive to make a comfortable and safe atmosphere for each guest.

The opening of a new festival home is scheduled for the end of September. It will be a convenient art space that can provide enough room for many attendees and deliver a great mood that allows one to loosen up and be transported to another undiscovered universe. And here, we smoothly move the main theme of the festival.

Embracing Diversity

At Beonix Festival, diversity is not only acknowledged but celebrated. The festival embraces diverse backgrounds, cultures, and identities, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and included.

Beonix Festival actively promotes cultural exchange and dialogue, showcasing artists and performers from various regions, genres, and styles. By featuring a diverse range of music, art, and workshops, the festival exposes attendees to a multitude of perspectives, promoting understanding, tolerance, and unity.

Promoting Social Equality

Beonix Festival is committed to promoting social equality and social justice, both within the festival grounds and in society at large. The festival collaborates with organizations dedicated to combating discrimination and works towards creating equal opportunities for all.

Through panel discussions, workshops, and community outreach initiatives, Beonix Festival encourages dialogue and education on topics such as gender equality, racial equity, and other social justice issues. By actively engaging with these topics, the festival instills a sense of responsibility and empowers attendees to take actions that promote a more equitable and inclusive society.

Planet 9 Theme

planet 9 theme

What is the 9th Planet concept? It is a new location prepared for all the Beonix attendees. All lucky music fans will get a chance to undergo a full transformation, get a breath of fresh air, and feel new sensations that are impossible to experience in everyday routines.

So partygoers can be creative and express their ideas with their looks suitable for the journey that awaits them from 22-24 September in Limassol. Marvelous music sounds, special effects, and three stages will be in full mode for these three nights. Many talented DJs will play their famous tracks to heal and inspire your soul. 

Diversity of Sound Makers

Besides the outfit diversity, the festival will offer its attendees many musicians of different techno and house music styles. The Beonix creators managed to invite 50 DJs with massive experiences, quality music-mixing skills, and global fame. 

The most known names are Black Coffee, Maceo Plex, Stephen Bodzin, and many other talented music selectors. Taste your freedom and dance for several nights, forgetting all your troubles. The location: ETKO, 22-24 September, Cyprus, Limassol. The tickets are on sale!


Beonix Festival’s Open Mind Initiatives exemplify the festival’s dedication to creating a world where freedom, self-acceptance, and diversity are celebrated. By safe space for self-expression, promoting acceptance of individuals from diverse backgrounds, and actively working towards social equality, the festival serves as a beacon of light and hope.

Beon Festival invites attendees to be themselves unapologetically and embrace the beauty of diversity, underscoring the importance of open-mindedness and understanding. As the festival continues to grow and evolve, it will undoubtedly inspire other events and communities to embrace similar values, fostering a more inclusive world where everyone can thrive. So, join the Beonix Festival community, let your mind open, and part of a movement that celebrates self-expression, acceptance, and diversity.


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