Joan Larkin, aka Joan Jett, was born in Philadelphia, 22nd of September in ’58. Her love for music started early, and she got her first guitar when she was 14. Joan Jett is a guitarist, songwriter, and producer in the punk-pop band The Runaways who entered the music industry at age 15.

She was one of the most influential women in rock, singing hits like “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll;” founding Blackheart Records and distributing Bikini Kill and L7 plays by Riot Grrrl.

#10. Do You Wanna Touch Me

Over the last several years, the ugly (and self-created) problems have cast an irremovable shadow over the fact that Gary Glitter made some great rock and roll singles in his prime. Jett was a huge fan and took the classic hit from Glitter, gave it some 80s glitter, and took it to the U.S. Leading 20.

#9. Activity Grrrl

In 1994 Joan Jett and The Blackhearts released an album called ‘Pure And Easy’ that would have taken the band back to the top of the charts. This was from that album.

#8. You Don’t Know What You’ve Got

Taken from the ‘Bad Reputation’ LP, ‘You Don’t Know What You Got TIl It’s Gone’ takes the Jett sound and transforms it into a song that brings a strong pop style of the mid-’60s.

#7. Fake Friends

The first song of Joan Jett’s third album. Even though the single could just reach the top 40, It is still one of the best songs of Jett.

#6. I Hate Myself For Loving You

Jett created her own mini-masterpiece with this kick-ass rocker from the 1988 album, ‘Up Your Alley,’ which takes the shape of Glitter’s pages, and adds her own signature.

#5. Dead End Justice

The end song on the debut album Runaway is a full-blown teen drama set to rock and roll. A timeless hit and a great song.

#4. I Love Playin’ With Fire

While Joan subsequently re-recorded this song for her 1983 release, ‘Release,’ it is the original version of Runaways that wins hands down.

#3. I Love Rock ‘N Roll

This is the one that has sealed the deal and turned Joan Jett into a genuine rock star. It was first reported by the U.K. In 1975, the Arrows band struggled to chart their single in their homeland and had never even been released on the stateside.

#2. Bad Reputation

The 1981 LP The Blackhearts title song is a raucous trip of super-charged rock and roll. Jett proves a force to be reckoned with by using a Ramones-inspired template. Joan is on top of her game here, as much confidence as her male counterparts.

#1. Cherry Bomb

‘Cherry Bomb’ is one of the most popular and flammable rock and roll songs ever released. Thirty-seven years later, the mentality and strength these teenage girls might dish out are still amazing.

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