Zach Bryan is a rising star in the world of country music, known for his raw and honest delivery. His songs often delve deep into human emotions, reflecting on love, heartbreak, and life’s complexities.

“Something In The Orange” is one of Zach Bryan’s most poignant songs. Released in 2022, it has since gained considerable attention for its melancholic lyrics and haunting melody. The song tells the story of a doomed relationship, capturing the narrator’s struggle to come to terms with the end of a love affair.

The title of the song, “Something In The Orange,” refers metaphorically to the sunset, symbolizing the end of a romantic relationship. Through this vivid imagery, Bryan encapsulates the profound feelings of longing, despair, and confusion that often accompany the end of a significant relationship.

Despite the melancholic theme, the song resonates with many listeners due to its relatability and Bryan’s heartfelt delivery. This has led to various interpretations of the lyrics, further enhancing the song’s appeal and impact.

Background and Context of the Song

Release Details of “Something In The Orange”

“Something In The Orange” was released in 2022. While it’s not clear where exactly it was first released, Zach Bryan has gained significant recognition through his YouTube channel, where he often shares his music.

Relevant Details About the Album

The song “Something In The Orange” is a standalone single and is not part of any album as of my last update in August 2023. Zach Bryan is known for releasing singles and EPs rather than full-length albums, often sharing new music directly with fans through social media.

Songwriting Process

Zach Bryan is known for his introspective and deeply personal songwriting style. While specific details about the writing process for “Something In The Orange” are not widely available, it appears that Bryan draws heavily from his own life experiences when crafting his songs.

His lyrics often delve into complex emotions and experiences, creating deeply resonant narratives that connect with listeners on a profound level.

Musical Composition

Description of the Musical Style and Genre

Zach Bryan’s style falls within the realm of country music, but with a unique, modern twist. His songs often feature acoustic guitar and raw, emotive vocals that set him apart in the genre.

The stripped-down production style allows the lyrics to take center stage, adding to the emotional impact of his songs.

Analysis of the Melody, Tempo, Instrumentals, and Vocals

It’s known that Bryan’s music typically features simple yet powerful melodies and a moderate tempo that fits well with the introspective nature of his lyrics.

His instrumentals often consist of an acoustic guitar which contributes to the intimate and raw feeling of his music. Bryan’s vocals are characterized by passion and sincerity, effectively conveying the deep emotions embedded in his lyrics.

Discussion on How the Music Complements the Lyrics

The musical composition of Zach Bryan’s songs, including “Something In The Orange,” is designed to enhance the emotional resonance of the lyrics.

The simplicity of the instrumentals allows listeners to focus on the lyrics and their underlying themes. The moderate tempo and acoustic guitar create a melancholic atmosphere that mirrors the sadness and longing expressed in the song.

Bryan’s emotive vocals further heighten these feelings, making the song a deeply moving experience for listeners.

How this song fits into Zach Bryan’s overall discography

“Something In The Orange” is identified as one of Zach Bryan’s biggest songs to date2. His music resonates with listeners due to its raw and authentic nature, often focusing on themes of pain, regret, and perseverance.

This song fits neatly within Bryan’s discography, demonstrating his signature acoustic style and emotive lyricism.


In this article, we delved into the musical composition, reception, and impact of Zach Bryan’s “Something In The Orange”. Bryan’s music, including this song, is characterized by its raw, emotive vocals and simple acoustic instrumentation, which allows the lyrics to shine.


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