Adventures of… – Song and Lyrics by Above the Law


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Adventures of…’ by Above the Law. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of Above the Law or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

To the people that’s been locked away for a while
Keep your head up
To my peoples that’s been strugglin’ all their life
Never give up (No never give up)
To my people that are lost along the way
I’ll never forget (I’ll never forget)
Live your life the way you have to to get ahead
With no regrets

I used to run with straight cap peelers
Hardcore killers
To the people next door I wasn’t nothin’ but the dope dealer
Stayin’ up all night to make ends meet
Ya, ’cause livin’ in the ghetto ain’t cheap
And ask me do my momma know a thing – hell nah
’cause she gon’ be the first to turn me into the law
I got tired of seeing the drama on her face
All stressed out and depressed tryin’ to keep the place
So I worked odd job after odd job for the man
But that didn’t even get my ends close enough to shake hands
I’m stressed out right about now
So I hooked up with the homey from the streets to put it down
He said you make 2 G’s a drop
Nigga don’t be flossin about it or your ass sure to get popped
Thinkin’ to myself I’ma do this for now
Come up and blow up and move moms in the cut
I’m doing about six drops a week
I’m knowin’ niggas from everyhood, partner it’s all good
I’m in school tryin’ to live out moms dream
Outsell y’all and make a bomb ass smoke screen
Locked in the game doin’ my thang like Bruce Wayne
Tryin’ to ease momma pain and stop the rain
I thank God I never been to the pen
But if I had to I’d do it again
Y’all better ask somebody

What’s up man, this is Vin man
Yo what’s happenin’ man
I got some drama with some old playa haters
Ah man, that’s why you was blowin’ me up man? (-stop through)
Old horny ass, I’ll be there in a minute

Like G’s we roll with the ass rocked
Like G’s we roll with the tops down
Like G’s we coast til homey past the post
’cause yo we finna get fucked up
I say uh kick the ? and uh

Can you fell my illustration
I’m thick for the penetration
No hesitation I step to a f blowin the dust off her shelf
I’m kinda horny – I just bounced from the county
So if you don’t mind me absorbing the womb
Hit it smooth then slide out the room
After making you assume the position
Now I’m in the twist after goin’ on a mission
Gotta spit at my homeys though – you know my peoples
Yeah the ones in the hill plus the folks in the hood – we all equal
I was talkin to my partner the other day
We was sitting in the mall parking lot
He was bout to serve three chicken wings
He said “shit ain’t changed, homey, shit ain’t changed”
So uh, strap for strap even though I rap
Ain’t know way in the hell I can watch my own back
So I got my brother on the right and my brother on the left
One in a khaki suit, the other one well dressed
Hit you ass like the stealth – Above the Law
Too much caviar, put holes through ya, lick you thorough your radar
See I’m pistol whipping clicks with my lyrics
I’m on a cheddar run so my family benefits
I through the videos on the table for my young ones
Let the maid know that I’m out – y’all I’m on one
To meet with some real conglomerates on the street for some heat
Then we smoke baby, then we drink baby
Now my homies, I love my Cali scene
It’s the real thing, it’s the real thing