Dangerous Ground – Song and Lyrics by 50 Grand


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Dangerous Ground’ by 50 Grand. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of 50 Grand or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

Yo you think them niggas out there impress me?
Don’t none of that shit impress me
Oh I’m supposed to listen cause they on the radio?
Psh I’m ready

I got nothin’ to lose in the world to gain
I leave you slain and make your family relocate and change their names
Like the West coast say I’m bout the macolay
Niggas be slippin’ when I be flippin’ and I’ll see you next trip

Cause revenge is a motherfucker payback is a bitch
Especially when I’m coin with that Def Squad click
Can you relate to an intense, motherfucker
Gridiron mic cuffer, terror to the jugular
Smother all the others, punk motherfuckers
But I’ma keep it real, cause me and you is brothers
It’ll happen so fast boy you won’t stand a chance

Cause the L.O.D. put in work like red ants
And when I walk by Curtis Mayfield’ll draft
And spell the full limp love is just like Shaft
Shit I craft, is harder than Chinese math
Plus I lay you down for standing on Dangerous Ground

Aye yo you’re standing on Dangerous Ground, too close to the crown
Let’s see if you know the bounds
I said you’re standing on Dangerous Ground, too close to the crown
Let’s see if you know the bounds
Aye yo y’all standing on Dangerous Ground, too close to the crown
Let’s see if you know the bounds
Yo kid you standing on Dangerous Ground, too close to the crown
Let’s see if you know the bounds

Let’s embark on this mission like Black Indiana Jones
is eatin’ Pookie sandwiches and smokin’ chronic bones
See I kill it a little, then leave it alone
Let my man 50 G drag it into his zone

Now 50 Grand’s in the room and Legion of Doom
And if you sayin’ Def Squad’s the bomb then I’ll assume
It’s takes brain splittin’ compositions, makin’ incisions
Dranin’ the blood up out silly niggas, like morticians

Now I’ma mack out and pimp the rhythm like Too Short and Dru Down
And wait for what go around to come around
And beat it in the head with this, send em off into the unknown
In and out of consciousness, kind of like
a hip-hop microphone hypnotic
Specialist in gettin inside artists, sick word analyst
World’s most foul freestylist
c’mon man y’all niggaz know y’all can’t get with this


And kill the noise playboys cause we have no flaws
We employ hits the whole family can enjoy
I’ll be masterin’ the Funk like Flex, mentally
Etchin’ and Sketchin’, speakin’ with my hands like Terminator X and
scheme and get choked out like Radio Raheem
My team’ll put you to sleep and let you dream
I’m not down with the East West coast controversy
Me say you you say me, across the country makin’ millis
I’ll be glad to see a brother get paid for hard work
But instead y’all steady tryin’ to ditch up the dirt

Yeah niggas still tryin’ to toss salt in the game
And y’all done read my name graffitied in the walls of fame
Let me explain niggas die for fame in this game my name’s
like a migraine, rappers get banged out the frame
See some funny style niggas in the house tonight
With posses too thin to win, and too light to fight
Think twice


I had the last watch and y’all niggas on the corner pumpin’ gas
Nervous like you lyin’ to a polygraph

Come see a real show, cut off your flow, killin’ you slow
One time for L.O., I’m like a thief, in your window

Or catch us in the streets, herdin’ like cattle
Defeatin’ rappers without contracts and battles, swingin’ like Mickey Mantle

Niggas trippin’ like they want to be me
Challenge Def Squad, L.O.D. you livin’ Dangerously