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Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Forgiven’ by 2 Chainz. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of 2 Chainz or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

And we’re introducing the starting lineup
We’re gonna introduce now the North Clayton Eagles
Coached by James Gwynn
His starters, number 21, Tauheed Epps

Pray for our sins, I
Pray for our souls, the
Tears that we’re cryin’
Let ’em all be forgiven
Let it all be forgiven (When your dream, when your dream, dream, dream)
Just let it all be forgiven

When your dreams turn to nightmares
Transactions turn to Nike Airs
Went to Greenbriar Mall and bought five pairs
I stayed in the Creek, junkies used to preach
In the dope game, tryna reach my peak and go undefeated
I pleaded with the judge, this my first offense
High school b-ball, I’m tryna get a scholarship
On a bumpy road like an ATV, EBT
Used to give me peace
I smile on the outside, inside discreet
As far as the past, wish I could press delete
Let my dogs off the leash
Rather buy it than lease or get murdered in the streets, fine line

Who can learn
Pray for the children (I pray)
I pray for our healing (I pray)
I know you feel it (I know you feel it)
Just let it all be forgiven (Lord forgive him, yeah)
Just let it all be forgiven (Lord forgive him, yeah)
Your sins, let ’em all be forgiven (Lord forgive him)
Dead lies, that is how we livin’ (Lord forgive him, that is how we livin’, yeah)
Just let it all be forgiven

Got a phone call from Lil’ Fate
Somebody shot his son, he didn’t make it
My head achin’, hands started shakin’
Foul beyond flagrant
He said, “Bro, what I’m supposed to do?”
I paused, remorseful
We been partners since public school
Kids ain’t supposed to die before us
As a parent, it’s apparent, ain’t no parents
Seeing stops once we leave the carriage
Cold of the streets react with the heat to create balance
One of the biggest revenge is prayer
Me, Sean, Dre, and Chris was there
Guess Flesh won’t spend Christmas there
But in spirit, know you hearin’ it loud and clear
Whole family miss you as we stare off in the atmosphere
No fear

Pray for our sins, I
I pray for our souls, the
Tears that you’re cryin’
Just let ’em all be forgiven (Lord forgive him)
Let ’em all be forgiven (Lord forgive him)
Just let ’em all be forgiven (Lord forgive him)
Your sins let ’em all be forgiven (Lord forgive him)

Hey, I don’t know need to hear this
Dead lies, that is how we livin’
But if you’re doin’ somethin’ to make
Just let it all be forgiven
If you’re doin’ somethin’ to make your parents have to bury you
You may want to slow down
Everything got a consequence, whether good or bad
Rest in Peace Shaylin
Bigg, I love you, bruh
You know what I’m sayin’?
My other partner lost his son too, right before the 18th birthday
We out here bullshit, for what?
Pray for my soul
You don’t get another life
This ain’t no practice life
Pray for my sins
These tears that I’m crying, let them all be forgiven
Let them all be forgiven
That’s it, that’s it

In all his majesty and might, his brilliance and his beauty
His black and his blue
“Boy,” still slips from their lips when they address him
Still linger in the velvet of his dreams, the scene unseen
Black boy fightin’ for manhood in a world that still sees through Jim Crow lens
Oh, them love him in his place
Separate, away, torn, disconnected, passive, submissive, and shufflin’
Oh, now just turn that shufflin’ into dancin’
‘Cause you know them love black boys dancin’
And singin’ and ballin’
You know them love black boys’ strength
But don’t love black boys
Let me see your hands

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