Fybr (First Year Being Rich) – Song and Lyrics by A$Ap Twelvyy


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Fybr (First Year Being Rich)’ by A$Ap Twelvyy. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of A$Ap Twelvyy or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

(Yeah, yeah)
First year being rich
I’m ’bout to cop a house on Riverside
Checkin’ off my list
I buy a boat, I put your crib inside
Mental, need a fix
I’m feeling broken since my nigga died
Multiply my chips
I’m losing count, it’s hard to memorize
Boost the economy
Dollar for dollar, I gotta be
Lit up my neck, hit the lottery
Did it for Prodigy
Wilding in Prada
Oh while I be worth my mind and my prophecy
Coppin’ these properties
Came with a bank and monopoly
Just bought estate in the colony
Bankin’ a shot off the balcony
Mob with the infantry
Rich what I gotta be, nigga

Movin’ stories, and welcome to the cutting room
The first time being rich
Not the first time seeing shit
Made a promise, I ain’t going back to bein’ broke
First year being rich, now I’ma cop me a brick
(Brick, brick, brick)

Niggas hate the bricks
Then they shittin’ bricks
F*ck the hit ‘n’ miss
Niggas missing hits
Illegitimate at hitting licks
Gold neck full of hidden gems
In the gym like I’m gettin’ ripped
My rhetoric, nigga let it drip
A half a billion by thirty-six

Top of the year? I was broke (cash out)
Done been had lint in my pocket
Now I’m plugged like a socket
Bankrolls in my pocket
Paypal was on zero, now I’m counting more zeros
Bank account lookin’ like Cheerios
With a Mob like Robert De Niro
Had to learn both grind and patience
Took my moms on a trip to Jamaica
I thought I wasn’t gon’ make it
I was so impatient
Stressed out, my head was aching
Now my palms be itchin’
Now these bitches trippin’
Now my bank be drippin’

Last year I was broke, I ain’t goin’ back to shit
This my first year being rich
This my first year being rich
Niggas give me dap and these hoes gon’ show me love
I remember what it was, I remember what it was
This my first year being rich, this my first year being rich
This my first year being rich, this my first year being rich
This my first year being rich, this my first year being rich
This my first year being rich, this my first year being rich

Ooh, ooh, ooh
She want to ride with the man
She want to hop in the Lam, rock wit the band
She wanna rock with the gang
Pop a lil’ band, ooh
I got mo’ bands than yo’ man
Started from pots and pans, to all of these fans, and all these hoes in my pants ooh, ooh
I walk in that bih, I don’t dance, ooh
She drippin’, lil bitch, she don’t dance, ooh
Holdin’ my dick with no hands, ooh
She coolin’ me off with no fan, ooh
Free my lil guy in the jail, ooh
I keep a drug like a bean, ooh
We robbin’ these niggas no chance, ooh
Then I take that to the floor, ooh

I’m already rich, but I feel like I’m broke (uh)
Nigga, you know
If I go broke, I’ma cop me a O
Yeah, buyin’ my uncle a stove
Whippin,’ whippin,’ whippin,’ real hard
Teenage whippin’ like he Betty Crocker
She eat the dick up, she the headdie mobster
With the strippers on me? Throw confetti dollars (that’s right)
When I touch a billion, that’s when I’m rich
Stackin’ my money, you not with the shits
Hundred on the Rolie and my mom got the crib
They callin me Tookie, Ice blew it in the crib
Put the Hammer in the Benz ’cause I’m too legit to quit
Addy caught me chillin on the Audi with a bitch
Call me Niggarace each finger, it glists
You try to 2Pac me, I hit you with this