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Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Gusto’ by A+. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of A+ or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

Yeah A we gone do this up son
Yo we from Hempstead as close to the shacks as Parkside

My whole team is out for the gusto
Internally blood drip through ya body slow
We on the go but yo time is still limited
Unlimited type style and we be rippin shit
My whole team is out for the gusto
Internally blood drip through ya body slow
We on the go but yo time is still limited
Unlimited type style

Welcome to the PSG I represent
The littlest in the crew but first one to get up in em
I straight up skin em like wolves
I wish you would have been

Fakin’ jack and get ya whole hood hit
But it’s all good
We do the things y’all wish y’all could
And play the bat yo and watch the brothas bark like wood

So knock on it
Go head you want it
Nobody want it
You turned in for it pulled nine stingers like a brown hornet

While y’all was droppin’ I was underground shadow boxin’
Layin’ low puttin’ final touches on the flow
So here we go, tryin’ to snatch that dough
Got niggas breakin’ camp like Dre from Death Row

From the streets to the jail, I represent well
Touch a nigga like brail, jacks are hotter than the third rail
Scale to tip in my favor, the livest save
Grade up in the U.S. now let?s get this paper


I’m yawnin’ while I wake up to the early morning gun-fire
Another day another scar to acquire
Jumped out my bed tried to break my alarm
Took a shower and then I strapped on my firearm

Grab my Pelle Pelle ’cause I want to look fly when I die
But it ain’t my turn to say goodbye
How do I know? Some people call it instincts
I like to call it my luck who gives a f*ck

I’m stuck, in this environment can’t depart from it
And if I try I always end up back where I started
Plan A square one there’s no escapin’
So I pun and realize my too

I’m tryin’ to live a full life before my time is through
Clock’s tickin’, so I don’t got no time for you
As I head outside amongst the rest of the animals
Where I feel relaxed and safe and I can stand it

(To all my kiko’s)
It’s sort of like a family brawl
We gather up all the soldiers and form into a invincible
Swarm of kids, now it’s on again

Drinkin’ straight from the bottle warm gin drippin’ down my chin
For the crippled children you can’t win
Against 25 niggas bent up with mac-10’s
Semi-automatic, fully addicted crime addict

So long as there’s cash involved I gotta have it
There’s many different levels of the criminal mind
Either you’re in it for the gusto or I’m wastin’ your time


Now is you ready for men, ’cause they your peeps that you saw
You probably heard about me and my crew doin’ what we do
For my nigga True and Smif-n-Wessun
‘Cause I be wreckin’ mic-checkin’ fools that come around second-guessin’

I sparks in the dark like stars in the sky
Spiritually, lyrically, since knee-high
The cradle, I represent my peoples and my label
‘Cause when you take a ride through Parkside it’s fatal

What’s my time to shine my design you can’t define
It only takes a line and a rhyme to blow that mind
To have you buggin’, niggas got they tapes dubbin
Where ain’t no line for me to kick a rhyme pushin’ and shovin’

Now it’s over, walkin’ like a soldier I told ya
Shorty droppin’ bombs and shit, like Oklahoma
Kinda soul, comin’ wit that bomb for sure
Run for shelter little brotha when it rain it pour


First of all the foundation
Money is the root of all evil
The cream’ll have you shittin’ on your people
Livin like lotto, everything is everything

Ain’t nothing change but the clothes that my money bring
I’m makin’ figures that I never thought possible
You try to slow me down you’ll find yourself in the hospital
My crew got the army in techses

And them Acuras that made you get your cap peeled backwards
For years, I’ve been tryin’ to blow for years
Gettin’ bent off Moet spend a G on beers
Livin’ life to the fullest, my story ends wit a bullet

To the chrome-oil drop to the bottom of the pot
My invincible crew will never stop
If you’re lookin, you can find me risin’ to the top
I’m a classic approach my level and get your ass kicked

Floatin’ in a river wit yo body rapped in plastic
I’m tryin’ to make a half a million triple in size
Before my eyes, another part of my team dies
I can still hear his voice while he up in the sky

While the rest still livin’ steady tellin’ me lies
It’s like a bad dream, and I can’t wake up
But at the same time I love it and I can’t give it up


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