Jealous – Song and Lyrics by 5th Ward Boyz


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Jealous’ by 5th Ward Boyz. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of 5th Ward Boyz or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

Shit, what are we gon’ do?
(Shiit) Shit, we go to WAR! That’s what the f*ck we gon’ do!
(Motherfucker!) F*ck em’!

Wash my hands with you fucking guys (*repeat in background*)
I never did like that fucking guy (*repeat in background*)
Never did like that fucking guy! (*repeat in background*)
Never did like that fucking guy!

F*ck em’! I got my X and Hooch

[Verse One: 007]
It’s a done deal, make moves while you watch
See the new crib that I copped, plus the drop
Flashy rocks, and lo Benz bumpin’ Pac
At the club
With some thugs on these drugs
I learned you hate that but bitch you gon’ love this
Just shined up my 4-5 and I’ma bust this
Trust this, I got niggaz that’s ready
All about they killin, all about they fetti
Heavy in this motherfuckin’ game, say my name
Everywhere we go, we always bring pain
See me on the stage like a 12 gauge
Still roll 59, made the front page
Take it how you want to take it, we can make it how you want to make it
See I’m all about my papers
I don’t need record companies to ball
Hit me a lick and I’ma fade em’ all…F*CK Y’ALL!

They Jealous!
(They don’t want to see us ball mayn)
They Jealous!
(They talk down on my name mayn)
They Jealous!
Yo baby mama even told me so
They Jealous!
See a player ballin so they jealous

Money and broads got these cocksuckers jealous
They use to be some real cool fellas
Thinkin’ we beleivin’what they tell us

[Verse Two]
I’m balling, its confusing fools, I’m shaking Feds
And wondering how this 20 year old player be shuffling bread
I’m overhead, I’m shufflin’ bread and I’m peepin’ what they said
They don’t see me in the club so they wondering where I was
I was plottin’ to do the worst, its gettin’ worse
It’s kill a million
And I do this all in holdin’for my children
they finna feel me
But believe me fool, I got better things to do
than to sit around and talk about you don’t have a clue
Cause jealousy ain’t in my heart(it ain’t in my heart)
It’s in the hearts of the ones that shoot guns
And kill one outta a million(niggaz)
They gon’ see me in hell homie, still doin’ good
But my plans was to go to heaven but they made me pull my weapon
God forgive me please, and let these haters listen
they don’t want to send my vatos on a mission to have em’ missin’

They Jealous!
(They don’t want to see us ball mayn)
They Jealous!
(They talk down on my name mayn)
They Jealous!
Yo baby mama even told me so
They Jealous!
What what what huh? What what what?

[Verse Three: E-Rock]
I’m finna act a fool, these bitch niggaz breakin player rules
I’m a made nigga with paid dues
I never let em see me sweat, success is the best revenge
packin’ a Tec on my money quest
F*ck with the baddest bitches, don’t trust none of em’
I gotta bunch of guns only pack some of em’
Yo baby mama called me up today and said she had some news
Said you was talkin’ bad about me on the cool
Thanks for the game baby, but bitch you need to stop
Because you have my name flowing through the beauty shop
To yo cousin crib, back to ya mama’s house
I tell you now all that ho shit need to stop!
Niggaz hear me spending money, they want to be my friend
But nigga f*ck friends, let me get them ends’
Kill all that bullshit, fuckin’ with Rock
I got enough ammo to rop yo whole block(beeyach)

They Jealous!
(They don’t want to see us ball playa)
They Jealous!
(They talk down on my name playa)
They Jealous!
Yo baby mama even told me so
They Jealous!
What what what hah? What what what?

You see me in the club spending money…you see me poppin’ champagne..
you see me fuckin’ with the baddest bitches…you see me sittin’ on them 20 inches!
(yeah) You see me actin’ like a baller? Me and my niggaz steady ballin’..
You bitch niggaz just jealous!
And you bitches is jealous too, that’s why y’all keep bumping y’all gums!
You bitches! F*ck all y’all!
See me actin’ a fool in public…Me and my niggaz…5th Ward Boyz..
Recognize the mob!
You jealous motherfuckers! Get yo mind right! HA HA!
Ballin’ on you ho-cakes! Yeah, until the motherfucking world blow up!
(laughter) Bitch!!