Product of the Environment – Song and Lyrics by 3rd Bass


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Product of the Environment’ by 3rd Bass. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of 3rd Bass or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

Alright coming up now another request (this one)
This time from the boys down at Anna’s Pizza Paradise
A new arrangement of a great oldie in rhythm and blues

Verse One: Pete Nice (Prime Minister)

In the heart of the city you was born and bred
You grew up smart or you wound up dead
Things moved fast, but you knew the scoop
And your savior was a rhyme and a beat and a rap group
A modern day production of the city street
You said I didn’t have it that I couldn’t compete
So the sleeper did sleep but the sleeper shoulda woke up
Now you’re in my sight, the buddha sess you smoke up
That’s the element you carry your rhymes on
That style of rhyme won’t let you live long
Cause a strong song to you is what I sent
Cause I’m a product, of the environment


There it is, black and white (2X)

Verse Two: MC Serch

On the streets of far Rockaway Queens
Seagram Boulevard, be -17
Redfern houses where no MC would ever go
Is where I did my very first show
Had the crowd had the rhymes going, I never fess
(His reward, was almost a bullet in his chest)
And on that stage, is where I first learned
Stick out my chest to be a kid and get burned
You’re so foolish, but I think you knew this
That on the the microphone punk I can do this
And doing this, is what life meant
Cause I’m a product, of the environment


Verse Three: MC Serch, Pete Nice

Back in the days when kids were mack daddies
Striped Lee jeans, playboys and Caddies
Long Beach, the M.O.K. center
He almost caught a bad one when he tried to enter
our way
Bum rush the back door
Then scatter, onto the dance floor
Me and my boys, skeezin the cuties
Never had static, ’cause everybody knew me
Local DJ’s, tearin up the wax
And out the corner, some kid gets taxed
After the party, crack open a forty
Vicked it from the store yo the man never caught me
Went up to the arcade, cranked the bass
And then the five-oh chased us from the place
Hop on the railroad, play the conductor
Everywhere I went, I always tucked a
marker in my jacket to tag where I went
Cause we were just products, of the environment


Verse Four: MC Serch, Pete Nice

I want to tell you something that gets me kind of mad
…it’s about my dear old dad
He’s tired, and worn, and works a nine to five
Clockin thirty G’s a year to survive
But I know kids who in a month or so
Make that money sellin ya-yo
Pushin a drug, I can’t understand
Destroyin a life with a buck in the hand
Play rotten slum chain, local street hero
But if you ask Serch, you’re just a bunch of zeroes
Too bad cause when you’re older, you won’t have a cent
Cause you’re a product, of the environment


Verse Five: Pete Nice

You hear it in the strength of my voice and in my rhythm
Now you know, how I was livin
It happened to me, like it happened to Serch
Prime Minister Pete Nice’ll kick the verse
in Bed-Stuy with my boy, Kiwai Height
The K to A Kingston, Wednesday night
To the Empire, show slammin
Open for Dana, crew flammin
Mouth open wide, or listening
Dumb dope with a forty in my system
Unprotected but respected for my own self
Cause of talent, no shade, or nothin else
A time of tension, racially fenced in
I came off (and all the brothers blessed him)
I left more than a mark, I left a dent
Cause I’m a product, of the environment

Outro: K.M.D. and Serch

Aiyyo Serch, skin is just a color of the mind and the soul
And a brother ain’t a brother if his heart is cold, youknwhatI’msayin fellas?
And I think we need a positive Kause in a Much Damaged society
Word up man nubians killin nubians, brothers just don’t understand
Word maybe it’s some of that crime that’s stoppin the growin
the drug pollution and all needs to calm down
Word man, cause that’s what we need, we need Griff Productions
We need a K.M.D. man to uplift the race and bring Kause in the beginning
And a Posse called Get Yours
There it is, to all y’all bigots who want us to bend
We’re just products of the environment, peace!!
(There it is, black and white)

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