Purity – Song and Lyrics by A$AP Rocky


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Purity’ by A$AP Rocky. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of A$AP Rocky or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

I’ve been busy, (busy busy)
I’ve been fuckin’ busy, I’ve been busy fuckin’
I’ve been all kinds of busy, all sorta kinda busy
Like shawty is we fuckin’, well if not, then f*ck it
Apologies to the fam, they thought we ducked ’em
Said I was in a rush but I was busy rushin’
It’s busy shit, busy that
Busy this, and I need a minute

See, this what that voice in your head says
When you try to get peace of mind
I gotta find peace of mind
I gotta find peace of mind
I gotta find peace of mind

Spendin’ time spinnin’ out toward a desire that wasn’t pure
Born before the virus was cured, pitch perfect, violence on the floor
Fast forward, linings on my skull, type of design I could afford
Fast forward, bands out
Got they hands out like they’re acknowledgin’ the F├╝hrer
Rewind Nas track 6, rewind dance crazes
Read my mind, freed my mind, feed my mind, makes sense
Just like mirrors on the wall, just like sittin’ on me
Raw in mirrors seen it all, could make two, a piece of mind
Flickin’ ash, pourin’ the Act, don’t pour in a glass
Pour it in foam, that’s white like eggshells in my omelette
My earlobes are yellow like the yolk is runnin’
My brain on drugs, I still have no piece of mind, f*ck
Woof woof, dogs in the place, loose tooth, lost in the fray
Roof lost on the Wraith, roof lost on the way
Freeway, no Rozay, brute force, brut champagne
Tell the front desk to cut new keys
Reserved in the Mercer for two years, in two suites
Took out the bed like it’s f*ck sleep
I’ll smack a bitch like it’s hot hands
Fired the label like f*ck brands
Comfortable low nigga, f*ck Xans
Comfortable slow, who the f*ck ran?
Nothin’ is sweet, nothin’ in tank sweet, it’s just a tank P
Salt on a slug, soda on slugged teeth, chewing on nothing
You’re tweakin’ or somethin’
You’re reachin’ for somethin’
You’re speakin’, speak up then
You’re thinkin’, you’re overthinkin’
One blink and I’m precummin’
And that could turn every no one into someone

I gotta find peace of mind
I gotta find peace of mind
I gotta find peace of mind
I gotta find peace of mind
You make my heart desire pure
I gotta find peace of mind
You make my heart desire pure
I just need peace of mind for my purity
You make my heart desire pure, just tell me
You make my heart desire pure, just tell me

Memories burn the roach heads
Cheer Hennessy for my old heads
Amphetamines for the dosage
Keepin’ me up and focused
Jewelry cloth, my gold caps
NY throwback like the old Fab
I’m undone because
Lost in the Google maps in your iMac, think my phone tapped
Hold up, hold that (hold on my nigga, hold that thought), thought
Nigga pour up soda nigga, hold that cough
Tryna hold back, the call had dropped when the FaceTime paused
Don’t call back
Can’t cope when your heart broke
Soft spoken, roll somethin’, cop somethin’, Narco
Saint life Joan of Arc, bro
Ring barcode
Two of everything, should have been to blame when Noah’s Ark broke
Two more drinks of everything before the bar closed
Face to face with my demons at a barstool
Haven’t checked on my niece in weeks
Months past and months in between
Since me and my sister would speak
Not a call or visit in weeks, lost
Nothin’ since the September last
Seen her September ’16, man it feels like
I’m undone because
I lose someone every release, it feels like the curse is in me (A$AP)
Percy is gone and I grief
I’m undone because
I share with you my piece

I’m undone because