Standin’ on the Promises – Song and Lyrics by Aaron Tippin


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘Standin’ on the Promises’ by Aaron Tippin. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of Aaron Tippin or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

[Verse 1]
A million reasons why I could
But only one why I won’t
Cause the one who’d probably never know
Is the reason that I don’t
I can’t say that I’m not tempted
I’m just like any other man
But when I walk out of here alone woman
I hope you understand

She’s standin’ on the promises
That she gave to me
So I’m standin’ on the promises
I promised her I’d keep

[Verse 2]
It’d be so easy for anyone
To justify the wrong
Fall right into your arms
And say to hell with being strong
But there’s one thing I know for sure
She’d never play this kind of game
And for her faith in out love
I’ll do her the same cause

[Chorus x2]