What’z Ya Phone # – Song and Lyrics by 2Pac


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘What’z Ya Phone #’ by 2Pac. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of 2Pac or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

{*phone beeps as it’s dialed*}
What’s ya phone number?
[Verse One]
Now I can make miracles with pimp hoes, it’s instrumental
Waitin for the nymphos, that’s the intro
Shook when ya rushed me, you walked up and touched me
Why? Do you want to f*ck me?
Just cause I’m paid in the worst way? True
Lookin kind of good in your birthday suit
I wonder if you’re wild or ya act shy
Do you like to be on top or the back side?
Watch when you lick yo’ lips, shake yo’ hips
God damn, I love that shit
Now let’s stop fake and be real now
I got a room and a hard-on, still down?
Met ya standin at a bar full of black dudes
Say you want to see my scar and my tattoos
When we headed for my hideout, act right
Boss playa when I ride out, that’s right
What’s ya phone number?
[Chorus: repeat 2X]
If you really want to f*ck with me, I’m ready
Baby, let me give you a call
How long will it take, to break you off?
[Verse Two]
Oh shit – baby is a dime piece, more than just fine
She’s personally blessed from the Gods if I seen it right
Now she could get me – hard
Didn’t want to talk to me ’til she seen my car
Never had sex with a rich rap star
’til I got her in the back of my homeboy’s car
Tell me, why do we live this way?
Money over bitches, let me hear you say
What’s yo’ phone number? Are you alone?
Got a pocket full of rubbers, let’s bone
Time to tell your girlfriend to take you home
I had fun, but baby gotta leave me alone
Picture my rhyme, take time to rewind
these ordinary words I say
If you open your mind, bet a minute you’ll find
it’s time let the Outlawz play
What’s yo’ phone number?
[Chorus] – repeat 2X
{*phone rings*}
[2Pac and Girl talk, starting over 2nd Chorus]
[G] Hello?
[2] Hello? Who is this?
[G] Is this Tupac?
[2] This is who?
[G] Is this Tupac?
[2] Yeah, it’s Tupac. Who dis?
[G] Hi baby. How are you?
[2] I’m aiight. Whassup baby?
[G] You don’t recognize the voice?
[2] You recognize my voice, huh?
[G] Do you recognize MY voice?
[2] Nah, I know you?
[G] Yeah, you know me.
[G] I guess you don’t recognize me when I’m not.. moanin.
[2] Where I know you from? Where I know you from?
[G] You just know me, baby.
[2] Where? Talk up I can’t barely hear you.
[G] You know me from when we were, why’know, intimate.
[2] Oh we.. oh, we fucked?
[G] Oh baby, did we ever.
[2] Oh, tell me about it baby.
[G] I remember when I put that big dick in my hand –
[G] and stroked it up and down.
[2] OOOOH!
[G] Ooh and then I put it in my mouth.
[2] You did?
[G] I sucked it.
[2] Ooh, you did?
[G] Ooh, I did!
[2] Shit!
[G] Sucked it, fucked it. Put me in. You came.
[2] Did I cum?
[G] Ooh, baby – everywhere, everywhere. You don’t remember me yet?
[2] I’m startin to get a picture, why don’t you help me out.
[2] What did I do to the pussy? What a nigga do to the pussy?
[G] You rocked it.
[2] Did I?
[G] Yeah, you did.
[2] Did I do some of that Thug Passion?
[G] Mmmmmm.
[2] Hehehehe. Ay, so whatcha doin right now though?
[G] Hehe.. me and my finger are gettin acquainted.
[2] How many you got?
[G] I got ten, but only one is workin.
[2] Oh, well can I come over there?
[G] If you want to.
[2] Do I want to?
[2] Do a bear shit in the woods and wipe his ass with a rabbit?
[G] Mmm, you gon’ rock it baby?
[2] Hell yeah, I’ma rock it baby.
[G] Like you did before?
[2] No dizoubt. Tryin to feel that Thug Passion for real.
[G] Mmmm, baby.
[2] Hey I’m on my way – I’m about to fly over there in a 500.
[2] why’know it ain’t gon take but a minute.
[2] Ay light the candles, get the baby oil out –
[2] and turn all the lights out, and drink a little bit of that shit.
[2] I’m on my way baby. I’m gon’ knock that pussy to next week.
[G] Knock it out, baby, knock it out.
[2] I’m gon’ f*ck the taste out yo mouth, girl.
[G] Oooh knock it out like you did before.
[2] Believe that. I’ma get your legs on your head.
[2] I’m a tie you up, blindfold you.
[2] And we gon’ play which hole feel the best, heheheh.
[G] Aww baby.. you know which hole feels the best.
[2] Yeah, we fin’ to see tonight, though!
[G] I’m gon’ make you remember me.
[2] Oh, yeah?
[G] Yeah baby.
[2] Oh you got my dick hard, lemme hurry up.
[2] I can’t find the steerin shift you got me so fucked up.
[G] Aww shit.
[2] I’m playin with myself and shit.
[G] Baby can I shift your gear?
[2] Ay you can shift all this shit baby, f’real.
[G] Can I shift it from the back?
[2] Heheh! Do a bear shit in the woods,
[2] and wipe his ass with a fluffy, white rabbit?
[G] Can I shift it in the front?
[2] Hell yeah! Ay you know what I want to do though?
[G] Whatchu want to do?
[2] I want to f*ck you on the balcony, while you lookin out over L.A.
[2] Yaknahmean? Just poundin that shit from the back.
[2] Cause a motherfucker hop that shit like I got hydraulics
[2] fixed in me, you feel me? I be hittin switches baby.
[G] Oooh I feel you, yes!
[2] Hehehehe! Hey I’m fin’ to come over there.
[2] Just wait for me sweetheart – I’m on my way right now.
[2] I’ll see you later baby, bye.
[G] Bye boo.
[2] Hahahaha. Yeah. I’m gonna get some pussy.
[2] Hehe, get some pussy, hahahaha! {*snickering and talking to fade*}