When I Get Free – Song and Lyrics by 2Pac


Discover the poetic beauty in ‘When I Get Free’ by 2Pac. This lyric breakdown takes you on a journey through the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and the story they aim to tell. From clever metaphors to evocative imagery, we delve into the nuances that make this song a lyrical masterpiece. Whether you’re a fan of 2Pac or a lover of well-crafted words, our detailed analysis will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this song.

what I`ma do now?
When I get free…
Oh s***!

Get free…
Yeah yeah

[Chorus: x2]
When I get free, motherf***ers better watch they a**
Soon as I get released, I`ma clock some cash
Did some time locked down, but I`m back on the street
There`ll be trouble when they see me

Them b****es is foul, take a look at the evening news
You`ll see a n**** gettin’ cuffed by the boys in blue
Is it a, frame up, tryin’ to keep me out the game, stuck
These motherf***ers tryin’ to dirty up my name, but
I`m slippin’ quick as the wind, it`s me or them
F*** friends my foes be on a mission tryin’ to do me in
F*** `em I`m bout to get out, they all soft
I blow up like gauge, and in a rage blow they balls off
Why are you n****z tryin’ to test me trick?
And be the first ones to snitch to arrest me b****
Main thang was to make a n**** meal ticket
Only if you with the real, the n**** will kick it
I`ll enforce it with the steel use the lessons that I learned in jail
Rule one: f*** a busta he can burn in Hell
Network with connects that I got in the pen
In no time I`ll be clockin’ again


Still sittin’ in my cell as I dwell on my past
Tryin’ to figure how a n**** turned dreams into cash
Quick call her collect, ain`t no respect on the other side
My cellmate`s suicidal cause his mother died
And my C.O. is a lady, and I`m thinkin’ maybe
me and her can hook up a scheme, to be Swayze
Cause she keep on callin’ me baby
To a young motherf***er facin’ eighty that`s enough to make you crazy
Now how long will it take, to get her hooked
Got her watchin me liftin weights, sneakin looks
I devised a plan, I`m in the trunk while she drives the van
Ain`t no disguise I`ma die as a man
If we make it then I`m takin’ it to Hell
All them n****z that was frontin’ while I sat up in the cell
Locked in jail, I couldn`t touch her so I planned your misery
The n**** you don`t want to see


Stuck in my cell
The pen ain`t nuttin’ like the county jail
When will they let me bail?
Walkin’ through the yard, I play the God
First n**** disrespect me first n**** gettin’ scarred
I`m, back on the scene
I`m hittin’ knees in the back of a limousine, puffin on weed
as we game on the drunk hoes
Hit the skunk I reminisce just on the way
we used to play, you punk hoes
What I possess is to be rich, in currency
Paranoid n****z like b****es when they come and see me
Laid out, played out, the n**** barely breathin’
As for that bulls*** punk, n**** n-now we even
But I wait, until it`s time
and try to find a crooked way to profit off this crime
This life of mine.. until I get free
My prophecy is n****z screamin’, as if they bleed in agony
As soon as they popped my gate
I knew these motherf***ers made a mistake

[Chorus: x2]

When I get free
Hahaha… yeah n****, when I get motherf***in free
Pop the gate, I`m back baby!
When I get free.. we up out this b****