Beginning players often have a hard time coming up with songs for a bluegrass jam. Here are 10 greats to have in your pocket.

In a bluegrass jam a turn to lead a song is passed around the circle. It can be pretty tough for a new musician to come up with enough songs to keep up with the circle. It’s also tough to find songs that don’t all sound the same, and add a lot of variety and fun. Here are ten old greats with many key changes and themes: from the well-known ballad to hidden treasures that will make you a hit at the next bluegrass jam.

Our first two songs are old-time bluegrass favorites that will be well-known in any jam circle. Pull either of these songs out and everyone will know the tune. The circle will be able to follow the chords in any key. These two songs also fulfill the bluegrass need to sing forlornly lost love.

Two Lovelorn Bluegrass Favorites

“Bury Me Beneath the Willow”

This is a wonderful song about being jilted before the wedding so we might as well lay down and die!

  • Here is a fabulous recording of “Bury Me Beneath The Willow”, with some original words, from 1957 sung by Mrs. Almeda Riddle .
  • Here are the Bluegrass All-Stars, singing and violin by Alison Krauss

“Wildwood Flower”

Best known from recordings by Carter Family. According to Wikipedia the song was written in 1860 by Maud Irving with music by Joseph Philbrick We ster. The original first verse was:

“I’ll twine ‘mid the ringlets of my raven black hair,

The lilies so pale and the roses so fair,

The myrtle so bright with an emerald hue,

And the pale aronatus with eyes of bright blue.”

Two Little Known Songs from The Andy Griffith Show

You can’t go wrong in a bluegrass jam with songs from The Andy Griffith Show. Some of them are little known, and yet authentic bluegrass.

  • “Whoa Mule“: This is an upbeat, jazzy song with some fun lyrics. Very likely it will be new in the circle and a big hit.
  • The Darlings come to visit and Charlene sings “There is a Time“. This is a beautiful song in a minor key. It’s different, many haven’t heard it, and the song is fun to play and sing.

Three Great Gospel Bluegrass Songs

These are three old time favorites that will be known in every circle and should be in every bluegrass player’s bag. They offer a lot of variety, and are great to pull out and play any time.

“I’ll Fly Away”

“This Train is Bound for Glory”

“Swing Low Sweet Chariot”

One Happy Song

Just in case the circle has been singing too much about lost love and death, it’s great to have a happy song ready. Here’s the perfect choice.

“Keep on the Sunny Side”

One Long Ballad

There are a lot of words to memorize in this song, but it is such an old time favorite that it is worth learning.

“Grandfather’s Clock”

And Finally, One Great Twist

“Amazing Grace” is a well loved traditional song sung in many circles. Put it to the tune of “House of the Rising Sun” and You’ll have a hit.

Great Bluegrass Tunes for a Jam

Once you start browsing around You Tube with these ten versions you’ll get lost for hours. It’s a wonderful journey to find bluegrass tunes with meaning and variety. These 10 songs can take a circle from joy to tears and redemption.


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