We’ve come a long way in the music industry. Our predecessors had to complete multiple steps stretched in time to create and spread fine music pieces worldwide. These days, however, recording, correcting, and tuning a song can be done independently at home. 

Indubitably, the quality will vary compared to a music studio. If you record a song in a music studio, it will be way faster and of higher quality than it used to be. But the question is, how do you promote your music on your own so it ends up circulating the web and promoting your musical talents? Fortunately for us, besides the music recording process, tech advancement has also made an enormous leap forward in marketing. 

If you feel you could use a few ways to advertise your creations on a shoestring budget or even for free, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we look at things to ensure your music career skyrockets.

Utilizing Social Media

Social platforms are part of our daily lives. As a music enthusiast, being present in various online venues is a surefire way to make your art noticed and open to the world.

You may already use social networks to spread the word about your songs. However, if your online presence isn’t strong enough, the problem may lie in the wrong use of digital platforms. 

Formerly known as Twitter, this is the best network for effective communication with followers. We recommend using it to discuss different topics, learn more about fans and followers, announce huge events, and do other communication-related things.

One of the best things about X is its algorithms, which work amazingly well. The more people react to your publications and interactions, the more visible your profile will be for a broader public.


Instagram is a superb venue to showcase your life outside the camera lens. Use it to portray your daily routine, errands, and behind-the-scenes snaps. Instagram has a few features to leverage, including stories, reels, and carousels, to ensure people know more about your character and how it influences your songs. 

Working on tunes is the primary thing you engage in daily, draining most of your time. That said, you don’t have to give up on the visual aspect. Use a free poster maker by Vista Create to keep your IG page active and your visual image consistent. Announce a niche merch drop or an event quickly and easily, even if you have no design expertise – there are numerous templates to choose from and customize.


Although YouTube is a staple for many artists, many novice musicians decide to enter this video-based landscape later mainly because they find themselves needing to be more famous first. If you follow the same path, it’s time to reconsider it.

Regardless of how many views your songs get or your following counts, rolling out your content on YouTube is a no-brainer. Not only will more people listen to your tunes on this platform, but you also get a terrific chance to advertise your songs in many other ways.

For example, take advantage of the venue by recording and uploading behind-the-scenes videos. As a tip, provide full-fledged BTS clips on YT and add teasers to IG for better reach. 

youtube marketing

Also, utilize another practical marketing approach, user-generated content. UGC incorporates different media, including videos, created by people. Besides building top-notch relationships with your followers, you can add new facets to your music and diversify its perception.

No matter the platform you use (preferably all), try implementing social media marketing. SMM is the easiest way to automate online advertising. You can customize the strategy by delving deep into the campaign’s duration and other specific things. But don’t hesitate to delegate the most tasks to the platform if you know nothing about SMM. It will design an effective marketing campaign for your allocated budget.

Floating Into the Streaming Landscape

While streaming is typically associated with platforms like Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Spotify, we’re referring to pages like Twitch here. These music platforms are essential for your success, and you must use them.

Luckily, you can go live and talk with people using IG and YT features, Facebook live broadcasting, Discord, or already mentioned Twitch. No matter the venue you lean toward, making your live streams engaging, meaningful, and fun is crucial. 

Approach streams mindfully by brainstorming ideas and outlining an agenda. Going live is a splendid way to talk about your tunes and their meaning, prove your willingness to communicate with people, and build strong ties with the subscribers.

It can help you get even more invested in your favorite thing and keep doing what you love. Platforms like YouTube and Twitch have sponsorship features, so your followers can support your endeavors and cover your professional expenses. This lets you focus more on the working processes and think less about side hustles.

Now, keep in mind that both Twitch and YouTube take a cut from subscriptions. The former takes around 50% while the latter takes 30%. Regarding donations, Twitch leaves all the sum to streamers; YT takes 30%.

The best way to keep the most resources is to create a Patreon and/or Buymeacoffee page to get monthly donations. They take much smaller commissions, less than 8%. 

Being Active Locally

Attempting to get attention online is understandable, but don’t underestimate the power of offline marketing, primarily if you reside in a big city. It’s important to let local people know about yourself.

Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure locals are familiar with and share your art with others. The easiest way to promote your music offline is to attend local events. Even if they are remotely connected to music, you can still advertise your tunes. Talk to people, take a stage, team up with like-minded individuals, organize something, and cross-promote one another. 

guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing tactics are among the most effective methods to spark curiosity offline. Be creative and think about how you can generate buzz around your persona.

For example, distribute flyers in active areas, put QR codes, or even do something embarrassing to the public (but don’t go overboard). Trying different ways will help you get the desired attention.


Creating and promoting music is now easier than ever. The fast-paced world has provided immense resources and opportunities to achieve different goals more quickly and effectively. With that said, you must still put effort into creating something unique and ensuring more people learn about it.

Promoting your music is vital to getting your creativity going and motivation refilling. The mentioned ways enable you to popularize your tunes, increase revenues, and let more people get to know you better. 

Incorporating the tips will help you build a practical and long-term marketing strategy and become an open-minded, influential individual. Crucially, continue to look for new opportunities to get your music out there, whether online or locally. And remember: flexibility and originality are the cornerstone of today’s success. Good luck promoting your tunes!


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