Birthed in Boston, Aerosmith will forever play on your radio, your local bars and as tribute concerts. The blues style inspired rock band continues to touch the heart strings of every music head. 

1. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

The song comes at a perfect time, its COVID-19 and we are all self-isolating ourselves binge watching the show we keep putting on hold. 

Here’s an Aerosmith song that will have you appreciating the moment:


2. Dream On

Here’s a link to the performance of Dream On:


3. Sweet Emotion

Whether you’re learning to play guitar or are preparing for a long drive, this song pumps you up perfectly!

Here’s a link to the track:


4. Back Back Train

Here’s a link to a perfectly played harmonica in the background by Aerosmith:


5. Pink

Described as the most underrated song of Aerosmith’s 1997 album, it challenges body shaming views and encourages gender equality within the music industry. 

Here is a link to the winner of the Aerosmith list of songs:


6. Cryin’

A passionate music video, used in so many movies, a song even the non-Aerosmith’s recognize. 

Here is a link to a steamy music video:


7. Let The Music Do The Talking

Find this attached link for the rockin’ music video:


8. Remember (Walking In The Sand)

Just makes you wish you were right there witnessing this live, ah Aerosmith!

No worries, this page got you covered, just click the link below:


9. Angel

Here’s a link to Angel by Aerosmith:


10. Amazing

If only we could all adjust our appearance like in the music video. Aerosmith makes it look rather easy.

Here’s a link to Aerosmith playing guitar in the dark:


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