Babies are susceptible to almost all the sounds. According to most of the research, songs are important to the development of babies.

Baby laughter and “boo!” like sounds are especially interactive for them. It is also important to share and feel the emotions together. If you feel happy while singing a song to loved ones will make them happy too.

Do not try to be a vocal artist and enjoy this precious time. Here come the top 10 baby songs If you need a little bit of help when choosing the best ones to share! 

#10. The Laughing Song w GooGoo & GaaGaa

This one is such a happy song for toddlers.

#9. Laughing Baby

Very suitable for the newborns, especially will help their development before they talk.

#8. Johny Johny Yes Papa

It seems like babies and kids really love that one. Let us give it a try If your little one will like it or not.

#7. Here we go, Looby Loo,

It even has a choreography! Such a happy song to listen to with your baby.

#6. Baa Baa Black Sheep

We can not finish this list without the classics, right?

#5. Everybody Dance Now

If there were a club for the babies, that would be the dancing-hit! It is hard not to accept that even the concept of the song is cute.

#4. Rock a bye-bye

Such a nice lullaby that you can sing until your little one learns to sleep alone.

#3. Monkey Bananas

A very simple one but so much fun to listen to!

#2. Peek a Boo

This one also has a very cute music video, If you let your little one watch.

#1. Hush a Bye Bye

This lovely lullaby will make your baby sleep on the clouds, and maybe the mommy can also take a little bit of rest too. We wish the baby magical dreams.

Bonus: The Happy Song

The scientifically proven one If you want to give it a try! Let us see how the baby will respond to it.

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