Aussie Rockers 78 Saab drop their new album ‘Good Fortune’

78 Saab seem to have been on the Australian music landscape for a long time now, it was nearly a decade ago that their music first started to get noticed through iconic TV Shows such as ‘The Secret Life Of Us’, therefore it is quite a shock to realise that their new album, ‘Good Fortune’ is only the fourth full length album that the band has recorded.

‘Good Fortune’ – 78 Saab – More Of The Same Old Stuff…

And once again 78 Saab have dropped a good album that doesn’t quite do enough to be considered great. It’s for that reason you feel that 78 Saab have always remained ‘that band that has potential’ but have never really taken the journey up the fame tree. But at least when you fork over your cash for a 78 Saab album you know you’ll get ten quality tracks like the very smooth ‘Both Sides’ that the band have allowed to open ‘Good Fortune’.

‘Whatever Rules You Break’ showcases the fine songwriting talents that 78 Saab have continually shown over the years while the great melody of ‘Warm Jets’ reminds you how sweet rock can sound when it’s being pumped up by a group of talented musicians.

78 Saab At Their Smooth Rock Best

‘Never Gonna Be’ sees 78 Saab continue on their smooth rock path while ‘Avarice’ opens with a little bit of edge, certainly enough to break-up the feel of the album and stop it from becoming a monotonous smooth-rock-snooze-fest. The change in feel continues with ‘All At Sea’ which is rock with real bite… almost bordering on the English pop-rock sound that has launched bands like Arctic Monkeys.

‘Chasing The Light’ is catchy enough to keep the listener’s attention while budding musos will find themselves captivated by some of its instrumental charms while ‘Hold You’, ‘Situations’ and ‘Small Things’ fall back into the smooth rock category. And while they are good songs they certainly don’t do anything to separate 78 Saab from all the other rock bands out there.

Summing Up ‘Good Fortune’ – 78 Saab

Good Fortune’ sees 78 Saab produce ten quality tracks yet you still feel like there is something missing. There are certainly no tracks you could recommend for radio play, yet in a strange way you still feel satisfied from having listened to the entire album. This won’t endear new listeners to 78 Saab but will be lapped up by long-term fans. Smooth rock for the serious music lover

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