Artist Names That Start With U

artist names starting with u

Undoubtedly, the music world is brimming with talented singers and bands, and among them, many boast names that start with the letter “U.” U2, an iconic Irish rock band, has captured the hearts of millions with their captivating sound and profound lyrics since the 1980s.

Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, also known as USS, is a Canadian alternative dance music duo that infuses their tracks with infectious energy.

Another noteworthy mention is Underoath, an American rock band that has made a name for themselves in the post-hardcore and metalcore scenes.

The soulful voice of Usher has also left an indelible mark in R&B, pop, and hip-hop genres, earning him numerous accolades.

These unique and unforgettable artists all share a common thread – their names beginning with the letter “U” and their unwavering passion for creating exceptional music.

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  • The Unbound Allstars
  • The Undertones
  • The Undisputed Truth
  • The Unthanks
  • The Upsetters
  • The Used
  • U.S. Girls
  • U2
  • U96
  • UB40
  • Uffie
  • UFO
  • UGK
  • Ugly God
  • Ugly Kid Joe
  • Ultravox
  • Umm Kulthum
  • Umphrey’s McGee
  • Una Healy
  • Uncle Kracker
  • Uncle Tupelo
  • Underoath
  • Underworld
  • Unearth
  • Union J
  • United DJ’s
  • unknown
  • Unwritten Law
  • Up With People
  • Uriah Heep
  • Ursula Greville
  • Us the Duo
  • Us3
  • USA for Africa
  • Usher
  • Utada Hikaru
  • Utah Saints
  • Utopia


Which famous bands or singers have names that start with “U”?

Some well-known bands and singers with names starting with “U” include U2, Usher, Underoath, Uriah Heep, Ultravox, and The Used.

What genres do these “U” bands and singers cover?

The bands and singers with names beginning with “U” span a wide range of genres, such as rock, pop, R&B, electronic, metalcore, and alternative dance music.

Are there any new and upcoming artists with names starting with “U”?

Yes, there are several emerging artists with names that start with “U,” such as UPSAHL, an indie-pop musician, and UMI, an R&B singer-songwriter.

What are some notable albums or songs from bands or singers with names beginning with “U”?

Some popular albums and songs include “The Joshua Tree” by U2, “Confessions” by Usher, “Define the Great Line” by Underoath, “Demons and Wizards” by Uriah Heep, and “Vienna” by Ultravox.

Where can I discover more bands or singers with names that start with “U”?

You can explore various music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or even social media to find “U” bands and singers. Additionally, music festivals, blogs, and magazines also serve as excellent sources for discovering new artists.