Artist Names That Start With V

artist names starting with v

Singer or band names that start with the letter ‘V’ encompass a diverse range of musical talents and genres, offering unique sounds and captivating performances for fans worldwide.

From iconic rock bands like Van Halen and Velvet Underground to indie darlings Vampire Weekend and soulful singer-songwriters such as Van Morrison, these artists have made significant contributions to the music industry.

Additionally, emerging talents are continually joining the ranks of ‘V’-named musicians, showcasing their creativity and passion for music.

As listeners continue to explore the vast world of artists with names beginning with ‘V,’ they are sure to discover hidden gems and unforgettable tunes that will leave a lasting impression on their musical journey.

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  • The Vaccines
  • The Vamps
  • The Vapors
  • The Vaselines
  • The Veils
  • The Velvelettes
  • The Velvet Underground
  • The Velvets
  • The Ventures
  • The Veronicas
  • The Verve
  • The Verve Pipe
  • The View
  • The Village People
  • The Vines
  • The Virginmarys
  • The Virgins
  • The Vogues
  • The Von Bondies
  • V.I.C.
  • V.V. Brown
  • Val Doonican
  • Vampire Weekend
  • Vamps
  • Van Halen
  • Van Morrison
  • Van Zant
  • Vance Joy
  • Vandenberg
  • Vanessa Carlton
  • Vanessa Daou
  • Vanessa Hudgens
  • Vanessa Paradis
  • Vanessa Williams
  • Vanessa Williams & Brian McKnight
  • Vangelis
  • Vanilla Ice
  • Vanity
  • Vanity 6
  • Vanity Fare
  • Various
  • Various Artists
  • VAST
  • Vato Gonzalez
  • Vaughn Monroe
  • Vaults
  • VCMG
  • Velvet Revolver
  • Vengaboys
  • Venom
  • Vera Lynn
  • Vérité
  • Vernon Dalhart
  • Vertical Horizon
  • Veruca Salt
  • Vesta Tilley
  • Vesta Victoria
  • Vic Damone
  • Vic Mensa
  • Vic Mignogna
  • Vicci Martinez
  • Vicki Lawrence
  • Vicki Sue Robinson
  • Vickie Winans
  • Victoria Justice
  • Victoria Williams
  • Victoria Wood
  • Victorious Cast
  • Vigrass & Osborne
  • Villagers
  • Vince Gill
  • Vince Guaraldi Trio
  • Vince Neil
  • Vince Staples
  • Vince Taylor
  • Vincent Poag
  • Vinegar Joe
  • Vinnie Vincent Invasion
  • Vinyette
  • Viola Beach
  • Viola Wills
  • Violent Femmes
  • Violet
  • Vitamin C
  • Viva Brother
  • Vivian Girls
  • Vivienne Segal
  • Vixen
  • Vodka Collins
  • Voices Of America
  • Voices That Care
  • Volbeat
  • Voltaire
  • Vonda Shepard
  • VSF


What are some popular singers or bands whose names start with the letter ‘V’?

Some popular artists and bands that start with the letter ‘V’ include Vampire Weekend, Van Halen, Vance Joy, Vanessa Carlton, Vanessa Hudgens, Van Morrison, Velvet Revolver, Velvet Underground, and Vengaboys.

2. Are there any specific genres that are more common among artists or bands that start with the letter ‘V’?

There isn’t a specific genre that is more common among artists or bands starting with ‘V.’ These artists cover a wide range of genres, including rock, pop, alternative, indie, electronic, and more.

3. How can I discover more singers or bands that start with the letter ‘V’?

To find more artists and bands that begin with ‘V,’ you can explore music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube. You can also search for “artists starting with V” on Google or visit music-related websites and forums.

4. Are there any up-and-coming artists or bands with names starting with ‘V’?

Yes, many emerging artists and bands have names starting with ‘V.’ Keep an eye on music blogs, social media, and streaming platforms to discover new talent and stay updated with the latest releases.

5. Can you recommend any classic albums from artists or bands with names starting with ‘V’?

Sure! Here are a few classic albums from artists and bands that start with ‘V’:


  • Van Halen – “Van Halen” (1978)
  • Van Morrison – “Moondance” (1970)
  • Velvet Underground – “The Velvet Underground & Nico” (1967)
  • Vangelis – “Blade Runner Soundtrack” (1982)
  • Vampire Weekend – “Modern Vampires of the City” (2013)

6. How can I stay updated with the latest news and releases from artists or bands starting with ‘V’?


To stay updated with the latest news and releases, follow your favorite artists or bands on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Additionally, you can subscribe to their newsletters, join fan clubs, or visit their official websites for announcements and updates.