Electric guitars have transformed the soundscape of music, offering a symphony of tonal possibilities to musicians across genres. Since their inception, these instruments have become central to the sound of jazz, blues, rock, and many other styles of music, pushing creative boundaries and defining the cultural soundtrack of generations.

The evolution of electric guitar technology has given rise to a diverse market, where options range from vintage-inspired models to innovative designs that cater to the modern player.

When considering the purchase of an electric guitar, one must weigh a multitude of factors. Woods, pickups, hardware, and the shape of the guitar’s neck all contribute significantly to the instrument’s feel and sound.

Beginners might prioritize ease of play and affordability, while seasoned musicians might seek specific tonal characteristics or build quality. The construction material affects the guitar’s durability and tone; for instance, mahogany yields a warm, rich sound, while alder offers a brighter, more balanced tone.

Additional features such as the type of bridge, fretboard material, and the guitar’s electronics also play crucial roles in shaping its performance. Players should look for a guitar that not only fits their ergonomic needs but also aligns with their aesthetic preferences and the rigors of their playing style.

With an understanding of these considerations, our team has dedicated significant time to researching and playing a variety of electric guitars, aiming to find those that combine quality, playability, and value for every type of player. Our efforts are geared towards simplifying your decision-making process as you seek out the best electric guitar that resonates with your musical soul.

Top Electric Guitars Reviewed

We’ve meticulously examined available electric guitars to present you with the cream of the crop. Our selection encompasses a range of styles, features, and price points. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first guitar or a seasoned player seeking to add to your collection, our roundup provides insightful recommendations that cater to various needs and preferences.

1. Wall-Mounted Guitar Haven

Onmiwod Guitar Wall Mount

Our instruments are now displayed elegantly on the wall, showcasing not just the guitars but also the gorgeous black walnut wood of these Onmiwod hangers.


  • Beautifully crafted with natural wood, adding an aesthetic touch to our space
  • The U-shaped design holds our guitars securely, offering peace of mind
  • Yoke pivoting feature accommodates guitars of various shapes and headstocks


  • Installation might challenge renters with restrictions on wall modifications
  • The included drywall anchors may be oversized for some preferences
  • While sturdy, heavier instruments could require more robust mounting hardware

Having recently mounted our collection of guitars on the Onmiwod wall hangers, we’ve been impressed by the craftsmanship. The real black walnut wood makes each piece unique, and the U-shaped cradle design ensures our guitars stay secure without the fear of slipping.

The yoke’s rotatable feature is quite handy; it pivots to adapt to different headstock contours, making it versatile for various stringed instruments. I found setting it up for my electric guitar with a slanted headstock to be completely hassle-free.

Soft padding on the metal frame is another thoughtful addition. We’ve noticed it offers nice protection for the instruments without compromising on strong support. Plus, the padding prevents any potential damage to the delicate finishes on our guitars.

On the flip side, we had to be extra cautious during installation, especially since we’re in a rental space. We had to buy smaller anchors to avoid large holes in the walls. Despite this minor hiccup, our guitars look stunning on display, and the hangers double as a tasteful decoration when the guitars are in use.

2. LyxPro Full Size Electric Guitar

LyxPro Electric Guitar

We find this LyxPro Electric Guitar kit ideal for beginners with its comprehensive set of features allowing for enjoyable play right from the start.


  • The all-inclusive starter package provides excellent value.
  • Quality materials make for a solid and comfortable playing experience.
  • The amp and accessories included are suitable for immediate practice and play.


  • Finish and build quality may not satisfy more experienced players.
  • Some minor set up adjustments are often required to optimize playability.
  • The amplifier, while adequate for practice, might lack the power for performances.

We were genuinely impressed with the feel of the Canadian maple neck and the smoothness of the rosewood fretboard as we glided through chords and scales. The 20-watt amplifier packs enough punch for practice sessions and the added digital tuner is a godsend for quick tuning adjustments.

In terms of sound, the S-S-S pickup configuration gives a variety of tones to experiment with, which is fantastic for those who are still finding their style. And while the amp is designed more for practice than performance, it’s a solid starting point for any budding guitarist.

As far as build quality goes, the guitar feels sturdy in our hands. However, we did notice that fine-tuning the guitar’s setup improved playability markedly — something beginners might find a bit challenging without assistance. Despite this, for anybody just starting out, this LyxPro guitar kit offers an accessible gateway into the world of electric guitars without breaking the bank.

3. IYV Jazz Electric

IYV Jazz Electric Guitar

If you’re in the market for an electric guitar with a rich tone and comfortable playability without breaking the bank, this one’s a prime pick.


  • Robust build quality with a stunning Tobacco Sunburst finish
  • CNC machine precision allows for impeccable neck tapering and shape
  • Delivers great sound quality that rivals more expensive models


  • Factory strings may require an upgrade for seasoned players
  • Some units might come with minor cosmetic imperfections
  • Tuners lack the premium feel of high-end guitars

In our hands, the IYV IJZ-300 TSB feels solid and well-constructed, reflecting the care taken in its CNC machining process. The mahogany body resonates warmly, producing melodic lines and chords that sing through the room. While some might reserve such an instrument for jazz purists, we found it versatile enough to handle a variety of genres with ease.

Upon close inspection, the guitar’s visual appeal is striking. It sports an aesthetic that catches the eye whether on a stand or strapped around your shoulders. The neck feels smooth, and the fretwork allows us to glide up and down with minimal effort, making both complex riffs and simple progressions a joy to play.

Our experience with the pickup configuration was quite satisfying. The guitar dished out an array of tones that could be tweaked to fit a mix or stand out for a solo. However, more discerning players might consider upgrading the strings for a richer sound. This small tweak, along with a personalized setup, could elevate the playability to that of higher-end models.

4. Beginner’s Electric Guitar Set

Best Choice Products 39in Full Size Beginner Electric Guitar Starter Kit w/Case, Strap, 10W Amp, Strings, Pick, Tremolo Bar - Jet Black

If you’re looking to embark on your musical journey, this beginner-friendly electric guitar kit offers a solid start with everything you need.


  • Comes as a comprehensive package, perfect for beginners.
  • Playability is smooth with a comfortable neck profile.
  • Impressively rich sound quality for its price range.


  • Included accessories, like the strap, could be of better quality.
  • The amp may produce some hum, a potential distraction.
  • Durability of the carry case is not ideal for the long term.

Stepping into the world of music has never been easier with this all-inclusive beginner electric guitar kit. We found it has a great feel straight out of the box, eliminating the hassle of immediate setup.

The sleek design and quality finish give it a professional look that exceeds expectations for an entry-level instrument. The maple and rosewood combination on the neck and fretboard makes playing fluid and enjoyable. Especially with the comfort it provides to the fingers, bringing chords and riffs within easy reach.

The sound is something that pleasantly surprised us. For a budget-friendly model, the pickups and tremolo bridge lend themselves to a sonic versatility that promises hours of experimentation.

Whether you prefer riffing in the garage or practicing your blues scales, the tonal offerings are quite expansive. Tuning stability is a hallmark of this guitar, and we were pleased to find ourselves focusing more on playing and less on retuning.

As we used the included accessories, we noticed that while convenient, they didn’t match the guitar’s quality. The amp, though serviceable, emits some background noise, and the strap and case might need an upgrade sooner rather than later. However, these are minor issues when considering the overall value; this kit places you at the start of the musical path with confidence.

The set makes for an appealing gift for a budding guitarist or a practical purchase for someone exploring their musical interests without a hefty investment. We appreciate the robust start it provides for aspiring musicians.

5. Spark 40 Amp

Positive Grid Spark 40

We found that the Spark 40 Amp is an innovative practice companion that excels in providing a rich and versatile sound experience.


  • The Smart Jam feature seamlessly adapts to your playing style, making solo jam sessions feel like you’re with a full band.
  • Comprehensive access to a vast library of tones and presets greatly expands your sound possibilities.
  • Integrates effortlessly with streaming services, simplifying the process of playing along to your favorite tunes.


  • Some might find the mobile app’s occasional instability a slight setback.
  • It may not be the leading choice for bassists due to some signal distortion issues.
  • The amp’s reliance on the app means you need to have your phone or tablet at hand for the full feature set.

From the moment we plugged in our guitars, the Spark 40 Amp’s sonic capabilities impressed us. Its ability to match the backing tracks’ tempo and rhythm helped us focus purely on the joy of playing. Its compact size made it handy for impromptu sessions, and despite its smaller frame, it kicked out a powerful and clear sound that will surely motivate any guitarist to play longer and explore new creative territories.

Beyond the raw sound, what stood out to us was the Spark 40 Amp’s integration with its software. Having the ability to connect to streaming services and the auto chord feature made learning new songs a breeze. Not to mention, toggling through the myriad of available presets was like having a world of amps and effects at our fingertips—one moment we were playing jazz on a clean setting, and the next, we were shredding through high-gain tones for metal riffs.

However, nothing’s perfect. We noted that bassists could encounter some fuzziness with their sound on the Spark 40, and the app, crucial to accessing its myriad features, sometimes crashed unexpectedly. These were minor hiccups in an otherwise smooth experience. For those in pursuit of variety and quality in their practice amp, the Spark 40 Amp is a top contender.

6. LyxPro 30″ Kids Electric Guitar Kit

LyxPro 30" Kids Electric Guitar Kit

We’re thrilled to share that this guitar kit is an excellent gateway for young musicians to quickly dive into the world of electric guitars.


  • Comprehensive starter bundle, perfect for young beginners
  • Quality materials and construction, akin to full-sized guitars
  • Comes with a dynamic 20W amp suitable for practice sessions


  • Color may differ slightly from the product images
  • Included clip-on tuner is not the best quality
  • May require an upgrade as the player’s skills advance

Having just spent some time with the LyxPro 30″ Kids Electric Guitar Kit, we’re impressed by its thoughtful design tailored for younger players. The smaller-scale guitar, combined with a comfortable neck, makes it easier for them to handle and play. It feels reliable and durable, evidently crafted from quality materials that resonate with those used in adult-sized instruments.

The amp, surprisingly, packs a good punch. At 20W, it’s potent enough to fill a room with sound. Practicing with the amp is a joy; the clear tones, along with the ability to add bass, treble, and even grind, allow for a range of sounds that can keep a budding guitarist enamored for countless hours.

The accessories complete the picture, offering everything we need straight out of the box. While the clip-on tuner isn’t top-tier, it does the job for initial forays into guitar tuning. Remember, though, if things get serious with the guitar lessons, you might want to look into a higher-quality tuner and perhaps an upgrade on the strings to ensure the best playing experience.

In sum, the LyxPro 30″ is a fabulous pick for children beginning their musical journey, complementing their enthusiasm with a fully-fledged setup that feels very professional for its class.

7. Donner DST-100S Kit

Donner DST-100S 39 Inch Full Size Electric Guitar Kit

We find the DST-100S an excellent choice for someone diving into the realm of electric guitars, offering a balanced mix of quality and affordability.


  • Ideal for beginners with easy-to-grip “C” shaped neck
  • Versatile sound with H-S-S pickup configuration
  • Bundled with useful accessories including a portable amp


  • Factory string action may be high for some players
  • The included amplifier may not meet the expectations of more experienced guitarists
  • Finish quality can vary, as common with guitars in this price range

Easing into the feel of a new guitar is always telling. The DST-100S makes a positive first impression with its comfortable “C” shaped neck; it feels like it was made to sit snugly in our hands. Transitioning through chords feels almost effortless, and we’re impressed with how the pickups deliver a crisp sound that can be molded to a variety of genres.

Plugging the guitar into the included amplifier also tells a story. While it won’t be challenging the giants of the amp world anytime soon, it’s more than capable of practice sessions or small jams. Its portability is a significant plus, making it easy for us to bring that electric groove wherever we fancy.

Lastly, the all-in-one package is a boon for beginners. You’d be hard-pressed to find another kit that provides this much value right out of the box. From the digital tuner and capo to the extra strings and quality gig bag, it gets us up and running without the hassle of additional purchases.

8. Squier Strat Pack

Squier Strat Pack

We believe every aspiring guitarist should consider this all-in-one Strat Pack for its playability and all-encompassing package.


  • Includes essential accessories for beginners, such as an amp and gig bag
  • Comfortable neck profile and lighter body make longer sessions enjoyable
  • HSS pickup configuration offers a versatile range of tones


  • Factory setup might require adjustments for optimal playability
  • The included amp, while adequate for practice, may not satisfy gigging needs
  • Some users report cosmetic issues upon delivery

Slipping this Strat’s strap over your shoulder, you’re immediately struck by its lightness — a welcome feature during long practice sessions. The neck’s slim “C” shape fits comfortably in hand, making those first chords feel a little less daunting.

As you explore its sonic range, the HSS pickup configuration doesn’t fail to impress, seamlessly transitioning from crisp, clean tones to a richer, more distorted sound with just a flick of the switch.

Unboxing the Squier Strat Pack, it’s evident that thought has gone into compiling an all-in-one solution for newcomers. You don’t just get a guitar; the pack includes a Frontman 15G amp, which, while small, punches above its weight for practice sessions. Its clean and overdrive channels will familiarize you with sound shaping early on. A padded gig bag, strap, and 10-inch cable are the cherries on top, getting you from unpacking to playing without skipping a beat.

After your fingers tire and silence falls, some points of consideration emerge. Should you require action adjustments or intonation tweaking, some additional setup may be necessary — not unusual for guitars at this price point. The amplifier serves well for bedroom practice. However, if you’re thinking about performing outside your four walls, you’ll be heading back online or to a local store to seek an upgrade.

We’ve road-tested the Squier Strat Pack and can confirm — it holds its own as a beginner’s best friend. Sure, limitations exist, but they hardly overshadow the immense value packed into this sleek, charismatic instrument set.

9. Donner 30″ Junior Electric Kit

Donner 30" Junior Electric Guitar

We think this Donner Junior Electric Guitar Kit is a fantastic starting point for kids eager to learn guitar with comfort and ease.


  • Compact and lightweight design that’s perfect for young learners
  • Ready to play straight out of the box with all necessary accessories included
  • Excellent craftsmanship ensures comfortable play sessions without skin irritation


  • A shorter scale length might require tuning adjustments for optimal playability
  • Might not satisfy experienced players due to its smaller size and simplified features
  • Limited sound versatility compared to full-sized electric guitars

Playing the Donner 30-inch Junior Electric Guitar ourselves, we felt the lightweight design is ideal for kids to handle without strain. Its small neck and fingerboard make it a breeze for little hands to navigate, striking the right balance between playability and comfortable handling.

We appreciated that tedious setup processes were sidestepped – the guitar comes with everything needed to start jamming. The gig bag is sturdy, and the included amp, though small, packs a punch, delivering the joy of a rock session into any beginner’s hands.

Of particular note is the matte finish; not only does it look sleek in green, but it also feels smooth against the arm. We enjoyed hours of playing without any discomfort, a testament to its thoughtful design tailored for extended practice sessions.

Despite its miniature stature, the Donner 30″ Junior Electric Kit doesn’t compromise on sound. We strummed through clean and distorted channels, impressed by how well its tone stands up against larger guitars. Sure, advanced players may seek more nuance in their instruments, but for the burgeoning rockstar, this guitar hits every note just right.

10. Jackson JS22 Dinky

Jackson JS22 Dinky

We recommend the Jackson JS22 Dinky for rock enthusiasts looking for a guitar with a solid build and roaring tone, all at an attractive price point.


  • Robust, punchy humbuckers suitable for heavy music styles
  • Smooth playability with a speedy neck profile
  • Tremolo system for added expression in playing


  • Factory setup may require adjustments for optimal playability
  • Tremolo use might lead to detuning issues
  • High-output pickups may not suit all music genres

The moment we laid our hands on the JS22 Dinky, the maple neck promised speed, and it delivered, allowing for a nimble play experience. Its amaranth fretboard felt sturdy, and the jumbo frets catered well to both chords and intricate solos.

Its pair of ceramic humbuckers emitted a crisp, aggressive tone that begged to be cranked through an overdriven amp. Those seeking to serve up some serious metal or hard rock will revel in the sound these pickups produce.

Beyond the sonic prowess, the guitar’s arched top and overall finish were visually impressive, indicative of Jackson’s attention to detail. Meanwhile, the tremolo system added a fun twist for dive bombs and subtle vibrato. It’s a guitar that punches well above its weight, especially for those on a budget looking for that quintessential Jackson flavor.

Buying Guide

Understanding Guitar Types

We should first recognize the main types of electric guitars: solid body, semi-hollow, and hollow body. Each type offers different tones suitable for various music genres.

Features to Consider

Body Material

  • Weight: Lighter woods can be less tiring during long sessions.
  • Tone: Different woods provide distinct sound characteristics.

Pickup Configuration

  • Single-coils: Provide a crisp, bright tone.
  • Humbuckers: Offer a warmer, fuller sound.

Neck Construction

  • Scale Length: Affects the tension of the strings and, consequently, the feel and tone.
  • Neck Profile: Should comfortably fit in your hand.

Hardware and Aesthetics

  • Bridge Type: Can range from fixed to tremolo systems.
  • Tuners: Stability in tuning is crucial for performance.


  • Align your options with your budget.
  • Invest in quality where it matters most to you (e.g., pickups or wood type).

Example Table: Key Feature Comparison

Body TypeSolid, Semi-Hollow, Hollow
PickupsSingle-Coils, Humbuckers, P90s
Neck and ScaleNeck Profile, Scale Length
HardwareBridge Type, Tuners, Nut Material
AestheticsColor, Finish, Inlays
BudgetPrice Range, Value for Money

We should use this information to match a guitar’s characteristics with our needs and preferences. It’s crucial to play various models to feel the difference in playability and hear the tonal variety firsthand.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common inquiries about electric guitars, with a focus on their selection for different purposes, their comparison across brands, and their characteristics for live performances and recording.

What factors should be considered when choosing an electric guitar for professional recording?

When selecting an electric guitar for professional recording, we consider tonal quality, pickup configuration, wood type, and the guitar’s overall electronics. The ability of the instrument to hold tuning stability and its compatibility with various recording environments are also vital.

How do different electric guitar brands compare in terms of quality and playability?

Electric guitar brands vary greatly, with some renowned for exceptional craftsmanship and superior playability. For instance, Fender and Gibson are traditionally hailed for their quality builds and distinctive sounds, while Ibanez and PRS are often praised for their comfortable playability and modern designs.

Which models are recognized as the top-performing electric guitars for live performances?

Models like the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul have a long-standing reputation for excellence in live performances owing to their reliable construction, versatile tone, and durable hardware. The reliability and the stage presence they offer make them favorites among professionals.

What are the key differences between electric and acoustic guitars in terms of sound and usage?

Electric guitars, with their solid or semi-hollow bodies, magnetic pickups, and amplification, produce a diverse range of sounds suited for genres like rock, blues, and metal. Acoustic guitars, on the other hand, have hollow bodies and rely on the wood’s resonance for sound, making them better suited for styles such as folk or country.

What are some of the most esteemed electric guitar models used by lead guitarists?

Leading guitarists often gravitate toward models such as the Gibson SG, Fender Telecaster, and the Ibanez JEM. These models are known for their sharp attack, sustain, and versatile tonal ranges, facilitating expressive solos and intricate lead work.

Can you list some high-end electric guitars that are considered collector’s items?

High-end electric guitars that are collector’s items include the Gibson 1959 Les Paul Standard, Fender Stratocaster 1954, and the Duesenberg Starplayer TV. Their historical significance, limited production, and exceptional craftsmanship make them highly sought-after.


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