Season 4 winner of the program Nashville Star, Chris Young, started to appear in many country music videos at a young age. His grandfather was also a country singer, and thanks to good genes, Young produced many country hits during his career. Let’s take a look at his top ten hits!

#10. Neon

The country song became a real hit and got much support from country music authorities. The song is about all colors of the rainbow and the neon one!

#9. I Can Take It From Here

This sexy, love song is a little bit out of the genre; country; however, it is a very good one from Young and definitely worth listening to.

#8. You

The song was co-written by Young. It is a very nice love song from Young, which mentioned that no one else makes him feel the way she does.

#7. Hangin’ On

The song is about Young falling in love with a woman that he met in the bar, and he got so attracted to her that whatever she does makes him hangin’.   

#6. The Man I Want To Be

The song is about a man who regrets the things that he has done to his partner and begging for another chance to be a better man.

#5. Think Of You

The song is a duet with Cassadee Pope. The song is about the break up of a couple who were a great couple once. 

#4. Voices

The song was co-written by Young which got a lot of attention from his fans that he re-launched the song with their messages for their beloved once.

#3. Aw Naw

The song is a real country hit that reflects the South feeling very well.  It was co-written by Young, Ashley Gorley, and Chris DeStefano.

#2. Gettin’ You Home

This country hit is about a black dress that his date wore, makes him feel like getting her home. It is one of the sexiest songs that Young ever did!  

#1. Tomorrow

This touching song was about the doubts that he had when he was having a break up from a problematic relationship and thinking about spending one last night with his lover. The song also got many good reviews from music authorities.


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