Jason Aldean is a country singer with a variety of contemporary music. He has a very solid career that was built around the fun lifestyle of a country accompanied by great rock/country tunes.

With great hits like “Big Green Tractor” and “My Kinda Party,” let see what this country musician’s top 10’s are.

#10. Hicktown

This song has reached all the way up to number 10. One of the essentials of Jason’s live shows.

#9. The Truth

This song shows the softer sides of Aldean, and It is one of his smoother songs.

#8. The Only Way I Know

Written by Hayslip and Murphy, this song is about being a hardworking American and being loyal. This song has some rap elements in It, and It’s an amazing song.

#7. Amarillo Sky

This song was written by Big & Rich, and It’s about the hardships of making a family farm work in the plains of Texas. It is not a party-anthem, but It is a very good song.

#6. Don’t You Wanna Stay

This song was a duet with Kelly Clarkson. It was a bit out of Aldean’s style because It’s more like a pop instead of a rock. Either way, It is a great song.

#5. She’s Country

Very standard hit from Jason Aldean. The song was written by Myrick and Tatum. The song is talking about many different girls from many different places in the United States.

#4. Crazy Town

“Crazy Town” is another very good rocking song by Jason Aldean. The song has a twist because It is not talking about the crazy side of small-town life, but instead, he’s referring to the music scene, which is highly competitive in Nashville.

#3. My Kinda Party

This is a party song. A great party song at that. Written by Brantley Gilbert, this song has gone up to number two on the Billboard.

#2. Dirt Road Anthem

Another definitive Jason Aldean song. This song has also climbed the charts all the way up to number one.

#1. Big Green Tractor

When you say Jason Aldean, you can’t leave “Big Green Tractor” out because this is an absolute Aldean tune. The way the song goes creates an atmosphere of rural romance. This song has reached up to number one on charts.


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