Whatever rock radio you’re listening to, It is impossible to get a session over without hearing one of Shinedown’s songs.

They are one of the top hit creators of our time. Not limited to rock, these amazing songwriters have many types of songs in their artillery, from smoother ballads to low tempo tracks. Let’s investigate the top 10 songs of Shinedown.

#10. Bully

This song is an ode to people who got bullied. It is to give strength to those people and give them the courage to go to school.

#9. If You Only Knew

One of the more calm and shiny tunes of this band. It’s a very nice ballad to listen to.

#8. Enemies

This song is a great way to release some steam if you are angry. With the great drumming of Barry Kerch, there is also some swing to It too.

#7. The Crow & The Butterfly

With an epic guitar work that amplifies the intensity of this song, we thank Zach Myers. From 2008 this song was one of the most obscure rock tunes.

#6. Fly From the Insıde

This was the first song for their debut album back in 2003. So It needed to show what the band was all about. It did just that “kicked some ass.”

#5. Devour

This old school rocking tune is from 2008, and It’s a criticism of George W. Bush.

#4. Save Me

This song is the first single from their album Us and Them. The song is telling the story of a drug addict who is looking to cleanse himself in salvation.

#3. The Sound Of Madness

One of the greatest rock tunes of the decade. Resembling Metallica a little bit because Brent Smith, the lead singer, is singing lower and adds some natural distortion to his voice, and It sounds like James Hetfield a bit. The song is criticizing the idea of rebels who don’t do anything and run from responsibility.

#2. 45

This is another perfect song from the 45. This song is their first major single. The message of this song is; you should live every day like It is your last. Live every day to the fullest.

#1. Second Chance

Second Chance sold Platinum, and It is the band’s biggest hit ever. It breaks through to almost all of the radio stations. Strangely when the band first recorded this song, they didn’t like It very much, but just as Its name, it showed that It needed a second chance.

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