Not many remain relevant after winning a singing contest, however Kelly Clarkson managed to challenge that with her strong vocals and dark rock music. Here’s a list of Kelly Clarkson’s Top 10 Songs.

best kelly clarkson songs

1. Since U Been Gone

Talking to mirrors and throwing random stuff around the bathroom? Why not.

Here’s a link to Kelly Clarkson’s half performance / half living room music video:

2. My Life Would Suck Without You

You love them, you hate them, but one thing you do know is that your life would suck without them.

Here’s a link to Kelly Clarkson’s great depiction of what relationships are really like:

3. Because Of You

Here’s a link to a Kelly Clarkson song that would have anyone in tears:

4. Miss Independent

The culprit behind any sassy Kelly Clarkson fan.

Here’s a link to the song to a Kelly Clarkson performance of her 2004 track:

5. A Moment Like This

Here’s a link to the award winning song by Kelly Clarkson:

6. Never Again

Dressed in white, dramatic eyeliner and fierce death stares, yes, it’s fair to say Kelly Clarkson is out officially done with whoever this song was for.

Here’s a link to a Kelly Clarkson song that will hopefully get all your anger out:

7. I Do Not Hook Up

Almost giving us Taylor Swift meets Katy Perry vibes (minus the drama), this Kelly Clarkson music video is filled with passion, freedom and happiness.

Here’s a link to Kelly Clarkson’s daydream:

8. Mr. Know It All

He has to have the last word? Must tell you what you’re apparently doing wrong? Majority of the women today could probably tell you a story or two about mansplaining.

Here’s a link of a Kelly Clarkson song you could probably do with at the office or in your car giving your backseat driver a lift:

9. Catch My Breath

Here’s a link to a memory filled music video of Kelly Clarkson and probably the winner of the list:

10. Walk Away

Here’s a link to the dark rock Kelly Clarkson we all fell in love with:


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