Marvin Lee Adah, aka Micheal Lee Afay, aka MeatLoaf, was a rock musician who was born in Texas in ’47. His father, a policeman, and his mother was a school teacher/singer. Around high school, he formed his first-ever band.

He aspired to be an actor, but he became one of the greatest comedic-musicians ever. Let’s take a look at this comedian rocker’s top 10 songs.

#10. Not a Dry Eye in the House

One of the slower and less funny songs on the list but still funnier than most. A great addition to binge listening to MeatLoaf.

#9. I’m Gonna Love Her

This hit was one of the funniest songs of MeatLoaf. Which asks for a guy to give up his girl for one night.

#8. I’d Lie for You

This one is another amazing song. A slow-paced dramatic song is full of comical references.

#7. Objects in the Rear View Mirror

This one is the last song written for the album Bat out Of Hell 2. Steinman explains that this song was very hard to write but a very successful song.

#6. Rock and Roll Dreams

This song is about the greatness of rock music, and It’s healing powers when in need.

#5. Right Out of My Mouth

Right Out of My Mouth is a very nice song that is exploring the classic concept of young lust but with a twist. The hero has a good ending this time.

#4. Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad is a standard classic saying to create a comedic effect. –How was your date? –She was hot, very into me, but had bad teeth. – Two out of three ain’t bad.

#3. I’d Do Anything For Love

I’d Do Anything For Love was a comeback song for MeatLoaf. It was released in ’77.

#2. Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Paradise by the Dashboard Light is about a boy who tries to get into the pants of a girl. Paradise is a reference for sex, although the events of the song are going very comedically. It is a perfect song.

#1. Bat Out Of Hell

Bat Out Of Hell is one of the hardest songs of MeatLoaf. Like all other Meat Loaf songs, It was written by Jim Steinman. It is a classic Motorcycle crash theed song.

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