She was born in Massachusetts in the year ’93. She grew up surrounded by music, and she dropped down to the pop scene like a hammer in 2014. Meghan Trainor is a pop singer known for hits like “No” and “All About That Bass.” Let’s see her top 10 songs.

#10. Title

This song was Meghan Trainor’s debut EP. It is a very upbeat song, and It is an homage to the idea of committing to a relationship.

#9. 3 AM

This song is a tune from the “Title” album which is Meghan Trainor’s debut album. The song is slow, and It is about drinking and feeling sad over an ex who moved on.

#8. My Selfish Heart

My Selfish Heart is a sad song where Meghan Trainor is singing about a lover she broke up with. The reason is that she thought she wasn’t treating him as she should be, and he deserved better.

#7. What If I

This track is simple and very nice. It is about love and falling into It. It also has a very cute story.

#6. Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes is a beautiful song that explores the same themes with the “Beautiful” song by Christina Aguilera.

#5. Better When I’m Dancin’

Better When I’m Dancin’ is a very entertaining song that was written for “The Peanuts Movie. It became a great hit and was a great addition to Meghan Trainor’s sons.

#4. Like I’m Gonna Lose You

Like I’m Gonna Lose You is a duet between Meghan Trainor and John Legend, the great R&B singer. They sing about a love that they know wouldn’t last and want to hold on to the moments that would pass.

#3. Dear Future Husband

In this song, Meghan Trainor explains her expectations for a potential future husband. It is a very nice song with retro touches.

#2. Lips Are Movin

Lips are moving is a fast-paced song in the doo-wop style. In the song, Meghan dumps a lover who wasn’t true to her.

#1. All About That Bass

This is a song with a statement. It is about empowering oversized women.

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