The Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) was formed in Birmingham by the former members of the English Group, The Move. Songwriters and instrumentalists Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood with drummer Bev Bevan aimed to create a Beatlesque, pop futuristic music with traditional instruments.

They took this name because they wanted to use electric rock and orchestral instruments together for their music. Let’s take a look at the top ten songs of ELO!

#10. When I Was A Boy

The song was written by Jeff Lynne when he was young, he was dreaming about being a singer and a musician.

#9. Ticket To The Moon

The song was released at the beginning of the ’80s, and it made a mark on history to bring us some ’80s mood.

#8. Turn to Stone

The song was written by Jeff Lynne in a songwriting retreat in Switzerland, which brought him a BMI (Broadcast Music Inc) Million-Air Certificate.

#7. Confusion

As the title reveals, the song is about the inner conflicts of a man. They used a recent technology of the time for the song, Yamaha synthesizer.

#6. Hold On Tight

The high-tempo song is about being tenacious about your goals and dreams. It has quite inspiring lyrics.

#5. Rock n’ Roll Is King

With that song and violin solo of Mik Kaminski, the group turned back to their rock roots.

#4. Livin’ Thing

It is not officially excepted, but it is said that the song has an anti-abortion statement. Lynne explained the meaning of the song as a loss of love in general.

#3. Telephone Line

The song was from the album A New World Record, which was released in 1976. It was the last album that they released until 2006. The so─▒ng also got many good reviews from music authorities as the group created the taste of Revolver and The Beatles without mimicking them.

#2. Mr. Blue Sky

The uplifting song is creating a feeling of a rainy day that is ending. It was described as ELO’s signature song many many times. The song was also used in numerous films and TV shows.

#1. Last Train to London

The inspiration for this timeless song comes from the times that the group spends on trains between Birmingham and London to attend radio and TV shows.

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