Lady Gaga, Mother of Caricatures, Freer of the LGBTQ and also a rockin’ singer who has been bringing in billion fans worldwide. Here’s a few of the fan favorites top 10.

1. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Keeping up with the Kardashian’s just aired new on television, we just got over the Paris Hilton phase and Gaga hits us with these color popping outfits and the large hungover sunglasses we all have a pair of in our shelves. 

Here’s a link to Gaga burning money as a cigarette:


2. Telephone (ft. Beyonce)

As much as we all love these two powerful women making a collaboration, can we now forgive Beyonce for throwing a perfectly tasty snack out the window?

Here’s a link to the perfect partners in crime:


3. The Edge of Glory

Club hit, Prom song, after work drink song, either way, it fits every occasion. 

Here’s a link to the haircut that should have been a trend in 2011:


4. Judas

Need to send an indirect hint to someone, post this as your fav on social media, they’ll definitely get the hint, plus being passive aggressive is a thing today.

Here’s a link a biker gang that I would definitely initiate myself to:


5. Bad Romance

EVEN if you think you don’t like Lady Gaga (for any unknown reason), the general consensus is that this song is safe from bad reviews. The music video, the instrumentals and the lyrics, Lady Gaga’s most iconic look and a perfect introduction of the decade. 

Here’s a link to everyone’s favourite Gaga song:


6. Born This Way

This piece is said to go down in history as one of the most inspirational and accepting songs ever created. Who wouldn’t want a song tackling the homophobic views that poison today’s world? 

Here’s a link to the beginning of a new era:

 7. Alejandro

Caution to those that are photosensitive, this video can be triggering:


8. Paparazzi 

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, but here’s a link anyway:


9. Marry The Night 

Here’s a link to a ballad themed song:


10. You and I 

Here’s a country filled Lady Gaga Sing-A-Along and also the winner of the list:


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